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Pigmy means very small.

These pigs when full-grown are only two feet long.

Just measure two feet on a stick; then you will know what cunning little animals they are.

Four of these tiny pigs live at the "Zoo" in London. This is a picture of them.

They have a place all to them­selves in the "Ostrich-house."

See how comfortable and happy they look! When they first came to the "Zoo" they were very wild.

Since then they have grown tame.

They came from India. Look on the map of Asia to find India.

At the north of India are the Himalaya mountains. At the foot of the Mountains are great forests.

These little pigs live in these forests. They live in the very thick­est part of the forests.

They roam about in herds.

Sometimes there are twenty in one herd. They are very shy. They keep out of sight.

Very few people in India have ever seen any of these pigmy pigs. They can run very fast.

When they hear the hunters coming they run away.

They can fight too. So you see it is not very easy to catch them.

These four in the picture were caught by hunters; they were caught in snares-

But the hunters had to set hun­dreds of snares before they could catch them. They live on roots and bulbs.

They dig them up with their noses just as our pigs do. They eat birds' eggs too, and insects and reptiles.

(A reptile is an animal that crawls, like a snake or lizard.)

These little pigs are brown. Their hair is very thin except on the back. See what queer little tails they have!

There isn't a bit of curl in them.

The Pigmy Pigs

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