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"I Didn't Think"

Here is a picture of a little girl who "didn't think."

Her name is Pat­ty Gray.

Look at her do. you think she looks happy?

Her mamma went to see a sick neigh­bor one morning.

She left Patty to wash the dishes.

"Be sure and shut the buttery door after you have finished the dishes," said her mother. But Patty "didn't think" to do this.

So the cat got in and lapped the cream from the pans of milk.

Patty left the garden gate open one day.

Mr. Brown's two cows came along and walked in, and ate up all the early peas.

"How could you be so careless?" her mother asked.

"I didn't think," said Patty.

Little boys sometimes say "didn't think."

Percy's uncle gave him a two-bladed knife.

It was a beauty.

He liked to whittle with it.

Percy has a little sister Bertha. She is only two years old.

"Don't leave your knife where little Bertha can get it," said his mamma.

But one day he left it on the veranda floor.

Little Bertha found it; she thought it looked very bright and pretty. She took it up and the sharp blade cut her little hand badly.
Percy was sorry and cried.

"O Percy. what made you leave it there?" asked mamma.

"I didn't think," said Percy.

A good many years ago a little boy was playing with some fire-crackers.

He threw a burning fire-cracker among some shavings.

He "didn't think" it would do any harm.

But the shavings took fire. They set fire to a building. Then another building took fire.

Soon half of the great city was burned up.

It all happened because a boy "didn't think."

Do not have anything to do with that ugly "didn't think."

It will be sure to bring you into a deal of mischief.

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