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Early American Craftsmen
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Following is a list of the books and pamphlets which the collector of Americana will find of the greatest value in a study of the subjects discussed in the foregoing pages:

The Colonial Furniture of New England, by Irving Whitall Lyon.
Colonial Furniture in America, by Luke Vincent Lockwood.
The Furniture of Our Forefathers, by Esther Singleton.
The Lure of the Antique, by Walter A. Dyer.
Old Plate, by John Henry Buck.
The Old Silver of American Churches, by E. Alfred Jones.
American Silver, by R. T. Haines Halsey.
Early Silver of Connecticut and Its Marks, by George Munson Curtis.
The Pottery and Porcelain of the United States, by Edwin Atlee Barber.
China Collecting in America, by Alice Morse Earle.
Tulip Ware of the Pennsylvania Potters, by Edwin Atlee Barber.
Pewter and the Amateur Collector, by Edwards J. Gale.
Old Pewter, Brass, Copper, and Sheffield Plate, by N. Hudson Moore.
American Glassware, by Edwin Atlee Barber.
Stiegel Glass, by Frederick William Hunter.
The Old Clock Book, by N. Hudson Moore.
Simon Willard and His Clocks, by John Ware Willard.
By-Paths in Collecting, by Virginia Robie.
A Book of Hand-Woven Coverlets, by Eliza Calvert Hall.
The Bells of Paul and Joseph W. Revere, by Arthur H. Nichols.
The Life of Colonel Paul Revere, by E. H. Goss.
The True Story of Paul Revere, by Charles Ferris Gettemy.


The Metropolitan Museum Catalogue of New York and New Jersey Silver.
History of the American Clock Business, by Chauncey Jerome.
American Clock Making, by Henry Terry.
History of Plymouth, by Francis Atwater.
Baron Henry William Stiegel, by J. H. Sieling, M.D.
Henry William Stiegel, by A. S. Brendle, Esq.
The Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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