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THE stranger visiting Boston for the first time will find the city’s reputation of being exceedingly intricate and tortuous to be deserved. But he may quickly “orient” himself and get a general idea of the directions of the streets and of the ways of reaching desired points, if he will grasp at the outset three important facts, as follows:

I. The well-worn term “The Hub” applies to down town Boston in no mere fanciful sense. Roughly, the streets of this confusing district form a sort of wheel. The hub of the wheel, however, is not one fixed point, for the streets radiate from several squares lying between the State House on Beacon Hill and the Old State House on State Street. Plates II and III at the back of the book will show at a glance that the figure of the wheel applies with sufficient exactness to warrant its use. In fact the stranger will save himself many steps and much time by ascertaining at once the names and directions of a few main thoroughfares, among them State Street, Milk Street, Washington Street, Tremont Street, Beacon Street, Summer Street, Hanover Street, and Atlantic Avenue.

Back Bay Map

II. The Back Bay District is arranged chiefly in the form of a rectangle, its eastern border united to the Central District described above at the Public Garden. The accompanying diagram indicates its general form, and points out the principal connections with down-town Boston. For details of the Back Bay District, see Plate I at the back of the book.

III. There are in Boston several important points of arrival or departure in which all routes center. The visitor cannot go far astray if he makes him self familiar with these few landmarks. The most essential are the following:

Copley Square. Through this square, Boylston Street, running nearly east and west, is a thoroughfare for trolley cars: east-bound, passing into the Subway, to connections (at Park Street station) with surface cars running to the North Station and connecting with the Elevated system (which passes through the Washington Street Tunnel) for Charlestown and all the northern suburbs, as well as (by Atlantic Avenue circuit) with the various ferries, steamer wharves (for harbor and coastwise points), and the South Station (the latter more directly reached by transfer in the Subway at the Boylston Street station); also eastbound cars which, avoiding the Subway, run to the West End and to the North Station; and west-bound, to Brookline, Brighton, Newton, Cambridge, Somerville (Spring Hill), Arlington, Watertown, and Waltham. Huntington Avenue, diverging to the southwest from Boylston Street at this square, is the artery for cars to Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Forest Hills, Milton, Neponset, and Quincy, as well as an alternative route for some of the other suburbs reached from Boylston Street. Trinity Place, to the south of the square, leads direct to the New York Central Trinity Place station (one block), where all outgoing trains stop; and at Hunting ton Avenue and Irvington Street (one block southwest of the square) is the Huntington Avenue station of the same line, where all inward-bound trains stop. Dartmouth Street leads to the Back Bay station of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad (one block south of the square), the stopping place for all trains in both directions.

In or about Copley Square are grouped many important buildings, institutions, churches, and hotels.

The Intersection of Washington, Summer, and Winter streets, in the middle of the down-town business quarter. Washington Street is not only the great artery of retail traffic but it is the main highway of travel north and south through the older part of the city. Beneath it is the Washington Street Tunnel for the Elevated system. Winter Street is but one block long and connects with Tremont Street at the Park Street station of the Subway; Summer Street is practically a continuation of it eastward to the South Station and the water.

On Washington Street north-bound surface cars may be taken for Charlestown, East Boston and Chelsea Ferries, East Cambridge, the North Station, and the west End. South-bound cars for South Boston, Dorchester, Milton, Neponset, and various sections of the Roxbury and West Roxbury districts may be taken either at the corner or just below on Summer Street. (The railway company’s starter on the corner will give all information needed.)

From this center it is but two blocks on Washington Street, north, to the Old South Meetinghouse; two blocks farther to the Old State House, at the head of State Street. It is in proximity to the theater quarter and is near a nest of hotels.

Park Street, also in the down-town business quarter. Here are the central stations of the Subway at the head of the Common. At the head of the short street (a single block in length) is the State House; at its foot is the thoroughfare of Tremont Street, running south and north, from which cross streets at irregular intervals lead easterly to various parts of the general business districts.

Scollay Square, at the junction of Tremont and Court streets, Cornhill, and Tremont Row. A central point from which the northern parts of the city are reached. Here cars for the North Station and the northern suburbs are taken in the Subway. Surface cars cross the northern end of the square and pass down Hanover Street, some bound for the North Station, others for ferries. State Street is a block east of this square.

The North Station, Causeway Street. This is occupied by the several divisions of the Boston & Maine Railroad system, whence trains are taken for all points north, east, and west.

The South Station, Dewey Square. Occupied by the New York, New Haven & Hartford and the New York Central railroads, whence trains are taken for the south and west.

South Station

General Information. Time tables and details of routes of the many and various trolley lines in the city, and connections with other lines, are issued by the Boston Elevated Railway Company. The several railroad companies also furnish elaborate information in illustrated folders and other forms as to points of interest in New England along their lines reached from Boston. These can be obtained by the visitor at the down-town railroad offices. At the railroad stations are Information Bureaus, at which the stranger should freely apply for any directions desired. When about the city or on street cars similar application may be made with confidence to policemen and conductors. The politeness of these officers is proverbial.



ADAMS HOUSE, 553 Washington, near Boylston Street, Eu. plan. Rooms, $1.50 to $4; with bath, $2.50 to $5.

AMERICAN HOUSE, Hanover, near Elm Street, Eu. Rooms, $1.50. For two persons in one room, $2.

BELLEVUE, Beacon, near Somerset Street, Eu. Rooms, $1.5o upward; with bath, $3 upward.

BOSTON TAVERN, Washington, near Bromfield Street, Eu. Rooms, $1 upward.

BREWSTER, Boylston, near Washington Street, Eu. Rooms, $2 upward; single, with bath, $2.50 upward; double, with bath, $3.50 upward.

BRUNSWICK, Boylston and Clarendon streets, Am. and Eu. Am., $4 upward; Eu., rooms, $1.50 upward.

BUCKMINSTER, Beacon Street, corner of Brookline Avenue, Back Bay, Eu.

CASTLE SQUARE, Tremont and Chandler streets, Eu. Rooms, $1 upward.

CLARENDON, Tremont, near Clarendon Street, Eu. Rooms, $1 upward.

CLARK’S, Washington, near Boylston Street, Eu. Rooms, $1 upward.

COMMONWEALTH, Bowdoin Street, Eu. Rooms, $1 upward.

COPLEY SQUARE, Huntington Avenue and Exeter Street, Back Bay, Eu. Rooms, $1 upward.

CRAWFORD HOUSE, Court and Brattle streets, Eu. Rooms, $1. For two persons in one room, $2.

ESSEX, Dewey Square, opposite South Station, Eu. Rooms, $1.50 upward.

LANGHAM, Washington and Worcester streets, Am. and Eu. Am., $2 upward; Eu., rooms, $1 upward.

LENOX, Boylston and Exeter streets, Back Bay, Eu. Rooms, $1.50 upward.

NOTTINGHAM, Huntington Avenue and Blagden Street, Back Bay, Eu. Rooms, $1 upward.

OXFORD, Huntington Avenue, opposite Exeter Street, Back Bay, Am. and Eu. Am., $2.50 upward; Eu., rooms, $1 upward.

PARKER HOUSE, School and Tremont streets, Eu. Rooms, $1.5o upward.

PLAZA, Columbus Avenue and Holyoke Street, Eu. Rooms, $1. For two persons in one room, $1.50.

PURITAN, 390 Commonwealth Avenue, Back Bay, Am. and Eu. Am., $4 upward; Eu., rooms, $1.50 upward.

QUINCY HOUSE, Brattle Street and Brattle Square, Am. and Eu. Am., $3 upward; Eu., rooms, $1 upward.

REVERE HOUSE, Bowdoin Square, Eu. Rooms, $1 upward.

SOMERSET, Commonwealth Avenue and Charlesgate East, Back Bay, Eu. Rooms, $2.50 upward.

THORNDIKE, Boylston and Church streets, Eu. Rooms, $1 upward.

TOURAINE, Boylston and Tremont streets, Eu. Rooms, $3 to $6 single; $4 to $8 double.

UNITED STATES HOTEL, Beach, Lincoln, and Kingston streets, Am. and Eu. Am., $2.50 upward; Eu., rooms, $1.

VENDOME, 270 Commonwealth Avenue, corner of Dartmouth Street, Back Bay, Am., $5 upward.

VICTORIA, Newbury and Dartmouth streets, Back Bay, Eu. Rooms, $2 upward.

WESTMINSTER, Trinity Place, just out of Copley Square, Eu. Rooms, $1.50 upward.

YOUNG’S HOTEL, Court Street and Court Square, Eu. Rooms, $1.50 upward.

1 Eu., European plan; Am., American plan.


BOSTON THEATER, Washington, near West Street.

CASTLE SQUARE, Tremont and Chandler streets.

COLONIAL, Boylston, near Tremont Street.

GLOBE, Washington and Beach streets.

GRAND OPERA HOUSE, Washington, south of Dover Street.

HOLLIS STREET, Hollis, between Washington and Tremont streets.

KEITH’S, Washington, near West Street; entrance also on Tremont Street.

MAJESTIC, Tremont, near Boylston Street.

AMERICAN MUSIC HALL, Washington Street and Hamilton Place.

PARK, Washington, near Boylston Street.

SHUBERT, Tremont, nearly opposite Hollis Street.

TREMONT, Tremont, near Mason Street.

There are also the CASINO, COLUMBIA, GAIETY, and HOWARD ATHENÆUM, devoted to burlesque; AUSTIN & STONE’S, BEACON, BOWDOIN SQUARE, HUB, and PALACE, giving vaudeville and moving-picture shows; and a number presenting moving-picture shows exclusively.


ARLINGTON STREET CHURCH, Congregational Unitarian, Arlington, corner of Boylston Street, Back Bay.

BARNARD MEMORIAL, Congregational Unitarian, so Warrenton Street, near Washington.

BEACON UNIVERSALIST CHURCH, Universalist, Beacon Street, across the Brookline line, at Coolidge Corner.

BOSTON SOCIETY OF THE NEW JERUSALEM CHURCH, New Church (Swedenborgian), 136 Bowdoin, near Beacon Street, West End.


BULFINCH PLACE CHURCH, Congregational Unitarian, Bulfinch Place, West End.

CATHEDRAL OF THE HOLY CROSS, Roman Catholic, Washington, corner of Malden Street, South End.

CENTRAL CHURCH, Congregational Trinitarian, Berkeley, corner of Newbury Street, Back Bay.

CHRIST CHURCH, Protestant Episcopal, Salem Street, North End.

CHURCH OF OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP, Roman Catholic, 1545 Tremont Street, Roxbury District.

CHURCH OF ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST, Protestant Episcopal, Bowdoin Street.

CHURCH OF THE ADVENT, Protestant Episcopal, 30 Brimmer Street, West End.

CHURCH OF THE DISCIPLES, Congregational Unitarian, Jersey and Peterboro streets, Back Bay Fens.

CHURCH OF THE HOLY TRINITY (German), Roman Catholic, 140 Shawmut Avenue, South End.

CHURCH OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, Roman Catholic, Harrison Avenue, corner of East Concord Street, South End.

CHURCH OF THE MESSIAH, Protestant Episcopal, St. Stephen, corner of Gainsborough Street, Back Bay.

CLARENDON STREET CHURCH, Baptist, Clarendon, corner of Montgomery Street, South End.

EMMANUEL CHURCH, Protestant Episcopal, 15 Newbury Street, Back Bay.

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, Clarendon Street, corner of Commonwealth Avenue, Back Bay.

FIRST CHURCH, Methodist Episcopal, Temple Street, West End.

FIRST CHURCH IN BOSTON, Congregational Unitarian, Marlborough, corner of Berkeley Street, Back Bay.

FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, Scientist, Falmouth, Norway, and St. Paul streets, Back Bay.

FIRST PARISH IN DORCHESTER, Congregational Unitarian, Meetinghouse Hill, Dorchester District.

FIRST CONGREGATIONAL SOCIETY, Unitarian, Centre Street, Jamaica Plain.

FIRST PARISH IN DORCHESTER, Congregational Unitarian, Meetinghouse Hill, Dorchester District.

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Berkeley Street, corner of Columbus Avenue, South End.

FIRST RELIGIOUS SOCIETY, Congregational Unitarian, Eliot Square, Roxbury District.

FIRST SPIRITUAL TEMPLE, Spiritualist, Newbury, corner of Exeter Street, Back Bay.

FRIENDS’ MEETING HOUSE, 210 Townsend Street, Roxbury District.

KING’S CHAPEL, Congregational Unitarian, Tremont, corner of School Street.

MT. VERNON CHURCH, Congregational Trinitarian, Beacon, corner of Massachusetts Avenue, Back Bay.

NOTRE DAME DES VICTOIRES (French), Roman Catholic, 25 Isabella Street, South End.

OHABEI SHOLOM, Jewish, 11 Union Park Street, South End.

OLD SOUTH CHURCH, Congregational Trinitarian, Dartmouth, corner of Boylston Street, Back Bay.

PARK STREET CHURCH, Congregational Trinitarian, Tremont, corner of Park Street.

PARKER MEMORIAL, Congregational Unitarian, II Appleton Street, South End.

PEOPLE’S TEMPLE, Methodist Episcopal, Columbus Avenue, corner of Berkeley Street, South End.

ST. LEONARD’S OF PORT MORRIS (Italian), Roman Catholic, Prince Street, North End.

RUGGLES STREET BAPTIST CHURCH, 163 Ruggles Street, Roxbury District.

ST. PAUL’S CHURCH, Protestant Episcopal, 136 Tremont Street.

SECOND CHURCH, Congregational Unitarian, Copley Square, Back Bay.

SECOND UNIVERSALIST CHURCH, Columbus Avenue, corner of Clarendon

ST. STEPHEN’S CHURCH, Protestant Episcopal, Florence Street, South End.

SECOND CHURCH, Congregational Unitarian, Copley Square, Back Bay.

SECOND UNIVERSALIST CHURCH, Columbus Avenue, corner of Clarendon Street, South End.

SHAWMUT CHURCH, Congregational Trinitarian, Tremont, corner of West Brookline Street, South End.

SOUTH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, Congregational Unitarian, Newbury, corner of Exeter Street, Back Bay.


TEMPLE ISRAEL, Jewish, Commonwealth Avenue, corner of Blandford Street, Back Bay.

TREMONT STREET METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Tremont, corner of West Concord Street, South End.

TREMONT TEMPLE CHURCH, Baptist, 82 Tremont Street.

TRINITY CHURCH, Protestant Episcopal, Copley Square, Back Bay.

UNION CHURCH, Congregational Trinitarian, 485 Columbus Avenue, South End.

WARREN AVENUE CHURCH, Baptist, Warren Avenue, corner of West Canton Street, South End.

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