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FURL your sail, my little boatie;
    Here's the haven, still and deep,
Where the dreaming tides, in-streaming,
      Up the channel creep.
See, the sunset breeze is dying;
Hark, the plover, landward flying,
Softly down the twilight crying;
   Come to anchor, little boatie,
      In the port of Sleep.

Far away, my little boatie,
    Roaring waves are white with foam;
Ships are striving, onward driving,
      Day and night they roam.
Father's at the deep-sea trawling,
In the darkness, rowing, hauling,
While the hungry winds are calling,  –
    God protect him, little boatie,
       Bring him safely home!

Not for you, my little boatie,
    Is the wide and weary sea;
You're too slender, and too tender,
      You must rest with me.
All day long you have been straying
Up and down the shore and playing;
Come to port, make no delaying!
    Day is over, little boatie,
       Night falls suddenly.

Furl your sail, my little boatie;
    Fold your wings, my tired dove.
Dews are sprinkling, stars are twinkling
       Drowsily above.
Cease from sailing, cease from rowing;
Rock upon the dream-tide, knowing
Safely o'er your rest are glowing,
    All the night, my little boatie,
        Harbour-lights of love.

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