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BIRDS, simultaneous action in flight.


Cat, nursing a young woodchuck; catching red squirrels.

Chipmunk; its winter under­ground and reappearance in the spring; courting; a solitary creature; ner­vousness of; chipping and clucking; storing food; adven­tures with cats; digging its hole; furnishing the house; food of; an evidence of sociability; an adventure with a weasel; attack by a shrike; eating strawberries; a game of tag; never more than one jump from home; shifting quarters; its fear of the weasel; its provi­dence.

Coon. See Raccoon.

Dog, the churn-dog and the wood­chucks; farm-dog and fox; moisture of his nose; fight with a weasel; encounter with a mink; farm-dog and coon; coon-dog and coon; farm-dog and skunk; a race with a red squirrel. See Fox­hound.

Fox, gray.

Fox, red, tracks in the snow; bark of; gait of; the author's first meeting with; chased by hounds; chased by the farm-dog; tail; me­thod of trapping; behav­ior when trapped; farm-yard depredations; devices for eluding the hounds; a method of calling; burrows and young of; daylight naps of; resem­blance to the dog; a young one in the market; and mink; beauty and grace of; humili­ation when captured.

Fox, silver-gray.

Foxhound, baying of; the chase of the fox; moisture of his nose.

Hare, northern or varying, haunts of; habits of; tracks in the snow; two suits of fur; pursuit and capture by a lynx. 


Mink, eating a muskrat; tracks in the snow; encounter with a fox; an enemy of the muskrat; an encounter with a dog and a mysterious disappearance; as an eater of fish; gait of.

Mouse, jumping, habits of; a captive.

Mouse, meadow, life beneath the snow; a bold swim­mer.

Mouse, white-footed or deer, beauty of; easily captured; haunts of; hoarding habits of; thwarting a piratical red squirrel; in the beehive; reducing a shawl to its original elements; seven in a trap; tunnels and tracks in the snow; a female with young; an at­tempt to assist a friend in dis­tress.

Muskrat, nest-building of; burrows of; winter activity of; devoured by a mink; a doorway visit.

Opossum; tracks in the snow; extending its range; font of; a captive; skin said to be fetid; young of; under the study floor.


Porcupine, increasing in abun­dance; a fight with an eagle; quills as weapons of de­fense; on Slide Moun­tain; stupidity of; sound made by; propen­sity for gnawing.

Rabbit, gray, haunts of; under the study floor; nest and young of; winter fare of; a captive; her life full of fear; a tragedy revealed by the snow; stupidity of.

Raccoon, reappearance after hi­bernation; a fight, with the farm-dog; fighting qual­ities of; coon-hunting; ravages in the corn-field; a captive; cour­age of.

Rat, pursued by a weasel.



Skunk, tracks in the snow; awakening from hibernation; habits of; as a pet; its weapon of defense; a plunderer of hen-roosts and birds' nests; an in­stance of its fearlessness; under the study floor; at the doorstep; not easily ruffled; fearlessness of.

Snake, black.

Squirrel, black.

Squirrel, flying, flight of; habits of; nest of.

Squirrel, gray, habits of; nest of; hiding nuts.

Squirrel, Mexican black.

Squirrel, red, a bold leap; habits of; snickering of; food of; hoard­ing habits of; his song and dance; a game of tag; pursued by a weasel; a piratical raid by; his life full of fear; frequently caught by the cat; a race with a dog.

Squirrels, gathering chestnuts; as parachutes; tails of; mirth and mockery of.

Thrasher, brown, and weasels.

Turkey, fox and.


Weasel, in pursuit of a chipmunk; carrying food to its den; an exploration of a weasel's hole; food of; depredations among the chickens; a fight with a; dog and; its boldness and bloodthirsti­ness; terror inspired by; a fight with a man over a rat; a woman's experience; a destructive enemy of the birds; as a tree-climber; hunting in packs; a con­tention over a mouse; can­nibalism; pursuing two rats; tracks its game by scent; pursuit of a red squirrel.

Woodchuck; haunts of; adventure with a swim­ming man; odor of; its whistle; form and motions of; a churn-dog's tactics; hole of; hi­bernation of; about the house and study; a mother with her young one; captives; a friendship with a kitten.

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