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WITHDRAW all the twenty-six cards of one suit, whichever one you please. Then deal a square of sixteen cards from the pack of three suits. Look well at them, and if there are three cards of the same value on the board, each of a different suit, put them out as discards, and fill their places from the stock. Whenever the cards dealt afresh create new trios, put them out on the discard heap and continue to deal again until no trios appear. Then deal four more cards on the top row and examine the board again. If a space is made, unload from a row that has covered cards. The next time four more cards are dealt they must go on the second row, the next time on the third row, the next time on the fourth. Continue dealing out your cards from the stock upon each row in turn, always looking well at the board after dealing, and unloading from the more heavily packed rows in preference to others. If you can get out all your cards in trios you have won the game, but it is often blocked: You are not supposed to look below the top cards.


The discarded suit is spades. A trio of tens can be removed. The sixes are in a precarious situation, as they may be covered before a 6 of hearts comes out. You should try and remember where they are lying, so that if an opportunity comes of uncovering them, you may do so. There is a little play in the game, but it is mainly chance that determines its success.

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