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PLACE the card first dealt at the top left-hand corner of the board, which is to consist of a square of nine. The other corners are to be filled with cards of the same denomination as the first card whenever they turn up. The five places in the square which are not the corners are filled with cards as they are dealt out, as explained below. We will call these five the inner places.

The corners are to be built upwards by cards of their respective suits. The inner places are to be built downwards and regardless of suit, although you play to suit whenever you can, as by doing so you may be able to get rid of several cards in succession whenever the corners can receive them. The inner places should be watched, as whenever there is a chance of making a vacant space you should avail yourself of it by lifting one packet upon another. The vacancies are to be filled from the rubbish-heap, which will have been begun as a rule quite early in the game, when the inner places have got filled with blocking cards. to work off the rubbish-heap and build up the four corners you will need to have a careful eye on the board, so that no chance of making a vacancy may be allowed to escape.


All the corners in this example have been filled and partly built upon, the foundation cards being the sixes. The clubs in the top left-hand corner may be advanced by the nine on the board and the ten on the rubbish-heap, while the diamonds in the lower left-hand corner only await the eight for the nine on the board to be released. The queen of spades can be put on the king of hearts, and the space thus made can be filled from the rubbish-heap.  

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