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A VERY simple game, depending almost entirely on the fall of the cards. Deal four cards, face downwards, in a square. This is the Patch, and you next deal twelve cards around it, face upwards, making in all a square of sixteen cards. The four corner cards, you will observe, do not touch the Patch. It is a part of the play to empty these corners and to put kings in the spaces thus made, whenever this is practicable. The other eight cards control the removal of cards in the Patch in the following way. As aces appear they are to be put out and built upon upwards, and you also build upon the board, in the reverse way to that in which you build upon the aces, but always according to suit. By building, spaces may be made on the board, and whenever this happens, the card in the Patch, which has touched either vertically or horizontally the card you have removed, is to be taken from its place and put in the vacancy. You must fill the place thus vacated in the Patch by a card from the pack, put face downwards as before. Corners, so desirable for the safe placing of kings, may not be left for them, but must be filled from the pack if there is no exposed king on the board. The turning up and removal of a card in the Patch does not affect any other card in the Patch. Each must await the playing out of the card next itself either above it, below it, or at its side. When no more cards can be moved for the time, you deal out another set of twelve cards, covering the first set that are ranged around the Patch. Now, the removal of a card will not necessarily make a vacant space, as one of the original set may be below to balk the game. This, however, will seldom happen. It is an easy game, and you will not often need to lay out the second set of twelve cards.


As the ace of clubs is put out at once, the king of hearts may be put in the vacant corner, and the card to the left of the king will be turned face upward, and will go into the king's place. Deal a fresh card, face downward, into the Patch. The 8 of spades will go on the 9, which exposes another card in the Patch. The 2 of clubs goes out on the ace, making another vacant corner, but this must be filled from the pack unless one of the cards that have been exposed and removed from the Patch happens to be a king.

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