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Hammered Pewter
Enamelled Copper

21. Hammered copper with pewter bead design, ca. WWII?  Purchased in 2000 for @$50. Stamped Nekrassoff.

22. Medium (10" high and @4" wide at widest point) hammered pewter pitcher, with beaded foot design.  Purchased in 2001 for $90. Stamped Nekrassoff. Manufacture Date: Pre-WWII?   

23. Hammered copper vase with pewter beaded foot. @8 inches tall and @6 inches wide near base.  Manufacture Date: 1940's - 1950's. Bought in 2001 for $100.


24. Hammered pewter teapot with carved wooden handle.  Nicely made teapot with tulip finial design. This piece dates to the 1950's and later, when Nekrassoff was using a crest, along with his name stamp on pieces.  This item was purchased in 2001 for @$175.


25. Small blue and white enamel on copper dish with beaded rim design. Purchased on-line.

  26. Small hammered copper dish with stylized flower design. Unfortunately, cleaned of its original patina.

27.  Small cup(?); copper with white and clear enamel on the interior.  Unfortunately, cleaned of its original patina.

28. Tri-part pewter dish with daisy-shaped flowers. Purchased for @ $75 on-line.


  29. large leaf pewter dish.  Purchased in 1991 in a Vermont antique shop for $90. Easily purchased on-line for much less...

  30. Pewter porringer with Tulip-style handle.  Price: @ $20 - $40.

     [Detail of handle]

31. Pewter candle snuffer with tulip-style handle and twist design.  Purchased at Brimfield Antiques Fair in spring, 2001 for $5!  Often sells on-line for @ $50 - $80!


  32. Cigarette Box. Green and white enamel top with dark blue enamel interior lid.  Mahogany (?) lining inserts.  Bottom of box footed.  Price: $28 in 2001 at local antique shop.


  33. Pewter porringer with Tulip-style handle.  Price: @ $20 - $40.


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