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Little Folks of Other Lands
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One rainy day at recess the little primary girls told stories in the hall.

When it was Margot's turn she said: "The best story I know is about my grandpa when he was a little baby-boy."

"Tell it, tell it!" said her mates.

"Well," said Margot, "when my grandpa was a little tiny baby-boy he lived in Holland. That is across the ocean, and away inside of Europe.

"Holland is so flat they build up the ground to keep the water out.

The Day the Water flowed in on Holland

"One day when my grandpa was a tiny baby-boy, the ground in Holland gave away. And the water flowed in and all over. And the houses sailed away, or pitched over and were spoiled."

"Oh! oh!" said Margot's mates. "And was your baby grandpa drowned dead?"

"'Most," said Margot.

"The folks had to run out of the houses. And they got their feet wet, and the bottoms of their clothes. And they ran, with the sheep and the cows and the pigs and the horses, to find dry places. And they had their beds and their things out-doors."

"Oh, oh!" said Margot's mates.

"And," said Margot, "my little baby grandpa was in his cradle. And he and his kitty were asleep. And the house tumbled over. And my great big grandpa and grandma were both drowned. And my little baby grandpa sailed off all alone on the water. They sailed in the cradle, grandpa and the kitty-cat."

"And were they drowned? " asked Margot's mates.

"No," said Margot. "For they sailed as if they were in a boat.

"They sailed much as a day.

"They sailed along and some men saw them. And the men swam out into the water. And these men got the cradle."

"And the cat too? "

"And the cat too," said Margot. "But what did your little bit of a grandpa do with no father and mother?"

"Folks took care of him," said Mar­got. "And he grew up and came to America. Now he is my grandpa."

"That is a good story," said Margot's mates.

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