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Lapland is a very cold country.

There is a great deal of snow and ice, and the winters are very long.

People in Lapland live in low, small huts.

They dress in furs.

The Lapland mothers have to try hard to keep their babies warm. They have queer cradles for the little ones.

The cradle is a deep, wooden box. It is just long enough for the baby.

Safe from the Wolves

It is well stuffed at the sides with soft clean moss; a thick bed of moss is then laid in.

A strong cloth curtain is fastened at the head of the box.

There is not much room in the hut, so baby not only sleeps in his cradle, but plays there, when awake.

When the Lapland mother wishes to take baby to walk, she fastens this strong cradle upon her back.

When she wishes to leave baby at home, she covers him with the cloth curtain, so the goats cannot trouble the little sleeper.

In summer, if she is afraid of wolves, she hangs up the cradle on a tree.

Nothing can reach her baby there.

As the wind blows, it sings a soft lullaby tune, and the bright eyes soon close.

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