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The title of this book indicates its limits. For the student who expects to go into the subject thoroughly and seriously it is only an introduction. The aim has been not to multiply examples, but to give an adequate number of practical working styles for the ordinary draftsman and designer, with examples of composition in sufficient variety to illustrate the text. An indexed clipping file of good work in lettering and design should be started, and the habit of studying critically the work found in the magazines and other artistic publications cultivated.

The following list of books is given to aid those who will pursue the study. Some of these will be found in most public libraries. Those marked * would be of particular value in the designer's library.

Clodd, Edward—The Story of the Alphabet. Appleton, 1907.
An interesting little book on primitive writing, hieroglyphics, etc., disputing some theories of Taylor.

De Vinne, Theo. L.—Plain Printing Types. The De Vinne Press, 1900.
A history of printing types by the best American authority.

Gress, Edmund G.—The Art and Practice of Typog­raphy. N. Y. The Oswald Publishing Co., 1910.
A history of printing, with reproductions of the work of early masters, and excellent chapters on composi­tion, with many modern examples. 160 pp., over 600 ill. and specimens.

Skinner, H. M.—The Story of the Letters and Figures. Orville Brewer, Chicago, 1905.
A popular story for boys and girls, of the develop­ment of letters from the Phoenician. Good for supplementary school reading.

Strange, Edward F.—*Alphabets. Geo. Bell & Sons, 1898.
A valuable book, both historical and practical. 298 pp. 200 ill.

Taylor, Isaac—The Alphabet. Its Origin and Devel­opment. 2 V. 2d ed. London, 1899.
The most exhaustive and authoritative work on the subject.

Thompson, Sir E. M.—Handbook of Greek and Latin Palaeography. Appleton, 1893.
A standard work on the history of writing.


Brown, F. C.—*Letters & Lettering. Bates & Guild, 1902.
By an architect. A collection of alphabets and examples with accompanying text. 214 pp. 211 ill.

Day, Lewis F.—*Alphabets Old and New. 3rd ed. Revised and enlarged. Scribners, 1911.
An Essay on "Art in the Alphabet," and nearly 200 working alphabets. 256 pp.

Day, Lewis F.—*Lettering in Ornament. Scribners, 1906.
Many historical examples on stone, wood, bronze, etc. Chapters on monograms, ciphers, conjoined letters, initials, etc. 218 pp. 186 ill.

Johnston, Edward—*Writing & Illuminating & Lettering. The Macmillan Company, 1906.
In the Artistic Crafts series of Technical Handbooks. Complete practical instruction in preparing reed and quill pens, formal writing, manuscript books, laying and burnishing gold, etc. 500 pp. 218 ill. 23 pl.

Larisch, R. von—* Unterricht in Ornamentaler Schrift. Second ed., enlarged. Wien, 1909.
Dr. v. Larisch is the recognized European authority on modern letters.

Stevens, Thos. W.—*Lettering for Printers & Designers. Inland Printer, Chicago, 1906.
An artistic and useful little book, particularly for Roman lower-case. 117 pp. 65 ill.

Strange, E. F.—*Alphabets (See 1).


Johnston, Edward—*Manuscript and Inscription Letters. London, John Hogg, 1909.
A valuable working supplement to Writing & Illum­inating & Lettering. 16 pl.

Koch, Rudolf—Klassische Schriften, Dresden.
25 plates illustrating the letters of Gutenberg, Dürer, W. Morris, Koenig, Hupp, etc.

Larisch, R. von—Beispiele Kunstlerischer Schrift. Anton Schroll, Wien. 3v., 1900-1906.
Drawings illustrating composition, by well known artists in their characteristic letters.

Lehner, Jos. and Mader, Ed. Neue Schriften und Firmenschilder Im Modernen Stil. Wol­frum & Co., Wien, n. d.
A collection of Art Nouveau composition. Beauti­ful color schemes. 60 pl.

Petzendorfer, L.—*Schriften Atlas. Jul. Hoffman, Stuttgart, 1898.
A varied collection of type specimens and drawn alphabets and initials. 123 pl.

Petzendorfer, L.—*Schriften Atlas. Neue Folge, Stuttgart, 1905.
Newer type specimens, initials, monograms and examples of composition in Art Nouveau. 141 pl.

Rhead, G. W.—An Alphabet of Roman Capitals, to­gether with three sets of lower case letters, etc. B. T. Batsford, London, 1903.
Old Roman from Trajan's column. 26 plates, one letter 7 in. high on each plate.

Smith, P. J.—Lettering and Writing. B. T. Batsford, London, 1908.
By a pupil of Edward Johnston. 15 plates of pen drawn Roman.

Turbayne, A. A.—Alphabets and Numerals. Van Nostrand, 1904.
17 pp. 27 pl. Large letters.

Weimar, William—Monumental Schriften. Gerlach und Schenk, Wein, 1898.
68 plates of inscriptions on stone, bronze and wood.


Bradley, John W.—Illuminated Letters and Borders. Board of Education, South Kensington, 1901.

A history of the Art of Illumination, and list of manuscripts in the Victoria and Albert Museum. 175 pp. 19 pl.

Bradley, John W.—Illuminated Manuscripts. Lon­don, Methuen & Co. 1905.
An interesting and scholarly story of the art of illumination. 16 mo., 290 pp. 21 pl.

Delamotte, F.—A Primer of the Art of Illumination. London, Crosby, Lockwood & Son, 1897.
43 pp. 20 pl.

Johnston, E. F.—*Writing & Illuminating & Letter­ing (See 2).

Herbert, J. A.—Illuminated Manuscripts. Putnam, 1911.
An exhaustive history of manuscript books with illustrations in color. 51 pl. 356 pp.

Laing, J. J.—*Manual of Illumination. Windsor & Newton.
A practical little handbook. 100 pp.

Laing, J. J.—*Companion to Manual of Illumination. Windsor & Newton.
"Borders, capitals, texts and detail finishings, etc." 28 pl.

Middleton, J. H.—Illuminated Manuscripts in Clas­sical and Mediaeval Times; their Art and their Technique. Cambridge, 1892.

Petzendorfer, L.—Schriften Atlas (See 3).
Contains many illuminated initials.

Quaile, Edward—Illuminated Manuscripts. Liverpool, Henry Young & Sons, 1897.
An interesting sketch of their origin, history and characteristics. 149 pp. 26 pl.

Robinson, S. F. H.—Celtic Illuminative Art. Dublin, 1908.
A beautiful book with full sized reproductions from the Gospel books of Durrow, Lindisfarne and Kells. Colored plates.

Stokes, Margaret.—Early Christian Art in Ireland. Board of Education, South Kensington.
An illustrated handbook.

Whithard, Philip.—Illuminating and Missal Painting, London, Crosby, Lockwod & Son, 1909.
A practical treatise on materials and methods of working. 145 PP.

The older books, such as Shaw, Humphreys and The Art of Illuminating by Wyatt, now out of print, may be found in many of the large libraries.


Auriol, George—*Le Premier Livre des Cachets Marques et Monogrammes.

Paris, Librairie Centrale des Beaux-Arts, 1901.
A most artistic little book.

Auriol, George—*Le Second Livre des Cachets, Marques, Monogrammes et ex Libris. Paris, Henry Floury, 1908.
Uniform with the first book.

Benker, H.—Das Monogramm der Gegenwart. Plau­en, C. Stoll.
20 plates of monograms especially for needle work.

Bergling, J. M.—Art Monograms and Lettering. Chicago, 1912.
A portfolio of modern designs particularly for engravers.

Day, L. F.—*Lettering in Ornament (See 2).

Diebener, Wilhelm—Monogramme und Dekorationen. Leipzig, 1910.
"Fur Uhren und Edelmetall-gravierung." 145 plates of Monograms and Devices.

Nowack, Hans—Das Moderne Monogramm. Wien, Ferd Schenk.
26 plates containing 676 two-letter ciphers.

Petzendorfer, L.—Schriften Atlas, Neue Folge (See 3).
Contains about 20 plates of modern monograms.

Turbayne, A. A.—*Monograms & Ciphers. The Caxton Co., London, 1909.
135 plates containing all the two-letter and many three-letter combinations drawn in large size, with 27 plates of alphabets and numerals.


Jacoby, Henry S.—A Text-Book on Plain Lettering. McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York. 3d ed., 1909.
Written for Civil Engineers. Elaborate rules for mechanical spacing. 82 pp. 48 pl.

Reinhardt, C. W.—Lettering for Draftsmen, Engineers and Students. Van Nostrand, 1895.
"A practical system of freehand lettering for working drawings." 23 pp. 8 pl.

Sherman, C. E.—The Theory and Practice of Letter­ing. Midland Publishing Company, Columbus, Ohio. 6th ed., 1904.
Showing in detail the construction and strokes of modern Roman Capitals, and stump letters. One of the original text-books on the subject. 49 pp. II pl.

Wilson, Victor T.—Free-hand Lettering. John Wiley, New York, 1903.
Development of letter-forms and composition by the sketch-method. 95 pp. 23 pl.

Daniels, Fish, Esser, Valpey, Parsons, Copley, Meinhardt, Cromwell and many others have prepared text-books or collections of alphabets for draftsmen.


Davids, Thaddeus—Davids' Practical Letterer. New York, 1903.

Heyny, William—Modern Lettering, Artistic and Practical. Comstock, 1909.

Strong, Chas. J.—The Art of Show Card Writing. Detroit School of Lettering, Detroit, Mich., 1907.


Bailey, Henry T.—The School Arts Alphabet Sheets. School Arts Press, Boston, Mass.
Every public school art teacher should have this set.

Bull, Schuyler—The A B C of Lettering for Public Schools. Rochester, N. Y., 1908.
Four plates and sheet of instructions.

Shaylor, H. W.—Book of Alphabets for Use in Schools. Ginn & Co., 1908.
A 24-page copybook of good forms.

The cards and leaflets issued by Alfred Bartlett, Boston; Paul Elder, San Francisco, and other publishers give beautiful and suggestive examples of lettering in design.

Photographs of Trajan's Column and other classical inscriptions may be had from the Director of Victoria and Albert Museum, S. Kensington, London.

This should not be considered as a complete bib­liography, but it contains most of the better known works in the various divisions. Many books out of print and rare are not included, as they would not ordinarily be accessible. The list contains sufficient titles to guide in the selection of a reference library for school or individual.

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