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These sketches were also suggested for problems in arithmetic. The problems relate to lumbering, measurement, and com­mission.

No. 1 illustrates the beginning of a forest sketch. With a single stroke of the chalk, accented at the lower end, draw the sky. With a second more delicate stroke show the distance; then with a few quick, nearly vertical strokes with the eraser show the positions of the trees. Later with chalk or charcoal and the use of such strokes as those given on plate 2, and at No. 3 on this plate, add the shading in the tree trunks.

No. 2 shows the strokes useful in drawing the camp, the wood pile, or the lumber. These have already been given in such sketches as those on plate 15.

The sketch of the house in the original had the dimensions marked upon it, and the pupils were to find the shingles required for the roof, the clapboards for the walls, etc.

Before trying this sketch, study plates 15 and 16 for strokes and details.

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