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MR. TURKEY Buzzard doesn’t have any sense. You watch him and you will see that what I have said is true.

When the rain pours down he sits on the fence and hunches up his shoulders and draws in his neck and tries to hide his head. There he sits looking so pitiful that you are real sorry for him.

“Never mind,” he says to himself, “when this rain is over I’m going to build a house right off. I’m not going to let the rain pelt me this way again.”

But after the clouds were gone, and a fresh breeze blew, and the sun shone, what did Mr. Turkey Buzzard do? He sat on top of a dead pine tree where the sun could warm him, and he stretched out his wings, and he turned round and round so the wind could dry his feathers. Then he laughed to himself and said: “The rain is over. It isn’t going to rain any more, there’s no use of my building a house now.”

Mr. Turkey Buzzard is certainly a very careless man. When it is raining he can’t build a house, and when it isn’t raining he doesn’t need one.

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