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Cheokhes, ch-ok-hs’, the mink.

Ch’geegee-lokh, ch’gee-gee’-lock, the chickadee.

Cheplahgan, chep-lh’-gan, the bald eagle.

Chigwooltz, chig-wooltz’, the bullfrog.

Clte Scarpe, a legendary hero, like Hiawatha, of the Northern Indians.
          Pronounced variously, dote Scarpe, Groscap, Gluscap, etc.

Deedeeaskh, dee-dee’-ask, the blue jay.

Hukweem, huk-weem’, the great northern diver, or loon.

Ismaques, iss-m-ques’, the fish-hawk.

Kagax, kăg-ăx, the weasel.

Kakagos, k-k-gŏs’, the raven.

Keeokuskh, kee-o-kusk’, the muskrat.

Keeonekh, kee’-o-nek, the otter.

Killooleet, kil’-loo-leet’, the white-throated sparrow.

Kookooskoos, koo-koo-skoos’, the great horned owl.

Koskomenos, kŏs’-kŏm-e-nŏs’, the kingfisher.

Kupkawis, cup-ka’-wis, the barred owl.

Kwaseekho, kw-seek’-ho, the sheldrake.

Lhoks, locks, the panther.

Malsun, ml’-sun, the wolf.

Meeko, meek’-ō, the red squirrel.

Megaleep, meg’--leep, the caribou.

Milicete, mil’-ĭ-cete, the name of an Indian tribe; written also Malicete.

Mitches, mit-chĕs, the birch partridge, or ruffed grouse.

Moktaques, mok-t’-ques, the hare.

Mooween, moo-ween’, the black bear.

Musquash, mus’-qush, the muskrat.

Nemox, nĕm’-ox, the fisher.

Pekquam, pek-wm’, the fisher.

Seksagadagee, sek’-s-gā-d-gee, the Canada grouse, or spruce partridge.

Skooktum, skook’-tum, the trout.

Tookhees, tk’-hees, the wood mouse.

Upweekis, up-week’-iss, the Canada lynx.

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