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What They Say In New England
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IF for seven consecutive nights you can see one star before any others are in sight, and will repeat this rhyme each time without saying anything to any one, you can make any wish you choose and it will come true.

Star light, star bright,
First star I see to-night;
I wish I could, I wish I might
Have the wish I wish to-night.

Others say this when they see the first star:—

Star light, star bright,
The first I've seen to-night, I wish — I wish

Then they tell what they wish.

Still others say:—

The first star bright I've seen to-night,
May I see somebody I don't expect to see.

The first form of this wish has to be repeated three times.

When you see the first robin in the spring, wish, and your wish will come to pass. In this, as in all wishing-spells, you must be careful not to tell any one. If you do, the first robin will be quite ineffectual as an aid to the realization of wishes. You must be careful also not to speak until you have wished, for that, too, will break the spell. "I wished on robins for a good many years. There's no harm in wishing, you know, if you wish good wishes."

Wish on the first frogs you hear in the spring, tell no one, and the wish will come true.

Notice the white horses that pass, count them up to three, and shake hands with somebody. Then you can make a wish, and it will come true.

The forked bone just in front of the breast-bone of a chicken or other fowl is known as the wish-bone. If this bone chances to fall to you, preserve it, and put it on the shelf behind the stove to dry. When properly seasoned you take hold of one end, let a friend take hold of the other, each make a wish, and then both pull. The wish of the one that has the top with his piece when it breaks will come true.

Find a white-headed dandelion, make a wish, and then try to blow the seeds off with one breath. If the seeds all leave at one blow, your wish will come true. Otherwise it will not.

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