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IN April, 1728, the Town voted that “a Grainery be built on the Common, near the Almshouse”; and that a sum not exceeding eleven hundred pounds sterling be appropriated therefor. The location of this building was a little to the north of the Park Street Subway entrance. In the year 1737, “to accommodate the Workhouse, and to make the Appearance or Prospect the better,” the Granary was removed to the corner of Long Acre Street, where the Park Street Church now stands. The Granary was the most roomy edifice in the Town, occupying an area of twenty-four hundred square feet. It was built of wood, with oaken rafters, and had a storing capacity for twelve thousand bushels of grain, chiefly wheat, rye, and Indian corn. It was a prominent landmark in Boston, and gave its name to the adjacent Burying-Ground. At a meeting of the Selectmen, August 2, 1738, it was reported that “the tar under the Granary heats the grain that lies on the lower floor, and damnifies it; also that weevils have taken the corn, and mice annoy the corn much, being very numerous.” The chief function of the Granary was its service as a repository, where the poor might buy grain in small quantities at a slight advance over its cost. In 1795 it was decided to sell the building; but for some years thereafter it was occupied by various tradespeople, and portions of it were devoted to the sale of refreshments, and to the storage of second-hand furniture. Finally in 1809 the Granary was removed to Commercial Point, Dorchester, where it was reconstructed and used as a tavern. The sails for the famous frigate Constitution (which was launched in October, 1797, at Hart’s Ship Yard, now Constitution Wharf) were made in the Granary, which was the only available building large enough for the purpose.

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