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AT a meeting of the townspeople, held February 23, 1634, it was ordered that “there shall be a little house built, and a sufficiently payled yard, to lodge the Cattel in of nights, at Pullen Poynt Necke” (in the present township of Winthrop). This was the first Town Pound. In May, 1637, Richard Fairbanks was appointed fold-keeper, and was allowed three-pence for every trespassing beast or horse that he brought into the Fold or Pound; and two-pence for every trespassing calf, goat, or hog so brought in. In the year 1641 it was ordered that the owners of any goats “found without a keep, should be fined half a bushel of corn for each goat so found; and three-pence for pounding, where they are to remain 24 hours, namely, in the pound; and if not owned by that time, then to be sent to Deare Island, where they are to remain until they have given full satisfaction.” In April, 1708, George Ripley and Edward Bartles were given authority to impound any horses, cattle, or sheep which might be found going at large or feeding upon the common land or lanes of the Town.

In an “Historic Sketch of the Granary Burying-Ground,” it is stated that a Pound was built therein, near the present Tremont Building, and just back of its southern projection. By a vote passed, August 19, 1720, the Pound was established on a lot just below the site of the Bridewell, on Centry Street, adjacent to the northern line of the Burial Ground. In a corner of the latter enclosure the “Town bulls” were quartered.1

In April, 1703, George Ripley was appointed “to take care of watering the bulls, and to put them by night in the Burrying Place.” In April, 1777, complaint having been made to the Selectmen that horses were allowed to roam at large on the common land, public notice was given that all horses found thereafter upon said land, would be placed in the Town Pound, near the Granary.

1 Boston City Document No. 47.

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