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The writer desires to express his obligation to Mr. Charles F. Read, of the Bostonian Society, for many courtesies, and for the privilege of access to the Society's library in the Old State House.

The following books have been especially useful:


Old Landmarks and Historic Personages of Boston, by Samuel Adams Drake. Boston; Little, Brown & Co., 1906.

Historic Mansions and Highways Around Boston, by Samuel Adams Drake. Boston; Little, Brown & Co., 1899.

Rambles in Old Boston, by E. G. Porter. Boston; Cupples, Upham & Co., 1887.

Life of Phillips Brooks, by Alexander V. G. Allen. New York; E. P. Dutton & Company, 1900.

The True Story of Paul Revere, by Charles Ferris Gettemy. Boston; Little, Brown & Company, 1906.

The Life of Paul Revere, by Elbridge Henry Goss. Boston; George Cupples, 1891.

John Hancock, by Lorenzo Sears. Boston; Little, Brown & Company, 1912.

History of the Old South Church, by Hamilton Andrews Hill. Boston; Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1890.

History of the National Peace Jubilee, by P. S. Gilmore. Boston; 1871.

The Public Library of the City of Boston, by Horace G. Wadlin. Boston; 1911.

History of Cambridge, by Lucius R. Paige. Boston; H. O. Houghton & Co., 1877.

Boston, A Guide Book, by Edwin M. Bacon. Boston; Ginn & Company, 1903.


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