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Little Folks of Other Lands
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The name of this little brown baby is Silvo.

She lives on an island in the Pacific ocean.

She sees the blue sea every day.

It is always warm weather where Silvo lives.

There is no winter there.

Silvo is very brown.

Silvo's papa and mamma are very brown too.

All the children and all the people on the island are brown.

Silvo would think a white baby was not pretty at all.

Silvo has straight black hair. It is never braided nor curled. It is never combed.

Silvo never wears any clothes.

A string of beads around her neck is all that she wears.

All day she creeps about in the tall grass.

She plays with flowers and shells and bright bugs.

She likes to lie on the ground and watch the lizards run around in the hot sunshine.

She has a little playhouse of bright stones and shells.

Baby Silvo

Sometimes other brown babies come and play with her.

They look up in the trees and see little monkeys.

The monkeys hop from limb to limb.

They chatter to the babies. They throw nuts down to them.

Little Silvo laughs. She shakes her little fat, brown fist up at them. Silvo has a tame parrot.

He talks to her. He sits upon her head.

His name is Bim.

He has green and pink feathers.

If you were on the island, you would think that the monkeys and the parrots and the brown folks all talked in the same language.

You could not understand one word that you hoard.

At night Silvo is tired. She rubs her sleepy little eyes just as you do.

Then her mother takes her up.

She sits down and sings to her.

Soon Silvo is ready to go to bed

Little brown babies like Silvo never wear night-gowns.

Where do you think Silvo's crib is? Silvo has no crib.

Her mother has twisted some strong vines into a little hammock. It is away up in a high tree.

She tosses sleepy Silvo into this swinging cradle.

Then she sits down under the tree and sings. Soon Silvo is fast asleep.

It is very warm all night, and Silvo needs nobody to come and tuck the blankets in. Silvo's bed has no blankets.

The birds and monkeys wake Silvo early in the morning.

Then Silvo's mother comes to the tree and calls her.

Silvo jumps down into her arms. She is all ready for play and fun. Her mother understands all her funny little baby wants.

She carries her to a fresh-water spring.

She puts Silvo into a great shell. It is large enough for a bath-tub. Then she dips it full of water, How Silvo laughs and splashes about!

Then Silvo's mother takes her out and lets her dry in the sun.

They have no towels on the island.

Then Silvo is ready for a nice breakfast of fruits.

She drinks out of a little shell. Her plate is a large green leaf, or a flat piece of stone.

Then Silvo is ready for another long day of play.

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