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Charles' Rest

     The Margrave Charles of Baden had returned from a victorious war where great actions had made his name famous. He resolved to devote all his time and strength for the future to the welfare and happiness of his subjects. To begin with he proposed enlarging and embellishing his chief town, Durlach; but the obstinacy and shortsightedness of the inhabitants put so many difficulties in his way, that the noble lord found it impossible to carry out his plans.

     The Margrave was out hunting one day in Hartwald. The weather had been hot and sultry, and it happened that Charles in the chase had become separated from his companions. After wandering about for some time the prince at last sat down to rest under an oak tree. Sleep soon overcame him, and strange dreams presented themselves to his mind.

     High over his head he perceived a crown ornamented with precious stones, and round it was a splendid city with towers and pinnacles, and a castle worthy to be the seat of a sovereign.

     When the Margrave awoke, his hunting companions were all standing round him, having discovered their missing master.

     "I have had a wonderful dream," said Charles gravely. "The town which I saw in my dream shall be erected here; and the crown which hovered above me here, shall mark the site of my future palace, and here under this oak-tree where I have rested, my ashes shall be laid."

      Soon a large flourishing town rose at Hartwald. A kingly palace was erected in the centre, and to the present day it continues to be the residence of the Margraves of Baden.

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