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Abate, depress, calm.
Abought, paid for.
Accompt, account.
Accorded, agreed.
Ado, business.
Adoubted, afraid.
Again, against, in the presence of.
Againsay, retract.
Aligement, alleviation.
Allegeance, alleviation.
Allow, approve.
Almeries, chests.
Alther, gen. pl., of all.
Amounted, mounted.
An, if.
An-angered, made the object of anger.
Anealed, anointed.
Apair, weaken.
Appeach, impeach.
Appealed, challenged, accused.
Araged, enraged, confused.
Anibal, raised.
Anise, obliterate.
Areared, reared.
Array, plight, state of affairs.
Arson, saddle-bow.
Assoil, absolve.
Assotted, infatuated.
At, of, by.
At-after, after.
Aumbries, chests.
Avail (at), at an advantage.
Avision, vision.
Avoid, quit, get clear of.
Avow, vow.
Await, watch for.

Bachelors, probationers for knighthood.

Barbican, gate-tower.
Battle, division of an army.
Bawdy, dirty.
Beale, beautiful.
Beams, trumpets.
Be-closed, enclosed.
Become, pp, befallen, gone to.
Bedashed, splashed.
Behests, promises.
Behight, promised.
Beholden (beholding) to, obliged to.
Behote, promised.
Beam, appointed, arrayed.
Bestead, beset, placed.
Betake, entrust.
Betaught, entrusted, recommended.
Bald, happened.
Betook, committed, entrusted.
Blank, white.
Bobaunce, boasting, pride.
Borrows, pledges.
Bote, remedy.
Bound, ready.
Bourder, jester.
Braced, embraced.
Brachet, little hound.
Braid, quick movement.
Brake, communicated.
Brast, burst, break.
Breaths, breathing holes.
Brief, shorten.
Brim, fierce, furious.
Brised, broke.
Bur, hand-guard of a spear.
Burble, bubble.
Burbling, bubbling.
Burgenetts, buds, blossoms.
Bushment, ambush.
By and by, immediately.

Cankered malignant.

Cantel, slice, strip.
Careful, sorrowful, full of troubles.
Cast (of bread), batch.
Cere, wax over, embalm.
Certes, certainly.
Chafe, heat.
Charged, burdened.
Chariot, cart.
cheer, countenance, entertainment.
Chierte, dearness.
Cognisance, badge, mark of distinction.
Coif, head-piece.
Comfort, strengthen, help.
Complished, complete.
Condescended, agreed.
Conserve, preserve.
Cost, side.
Costed, kept up with.
Courage, disposition.
Courage, v, encourage.
Courtelage, courtyard.
Covin, deceit.
Croup, supper.

Daffish, foolish.

Danger (in), in the power of.
Dewed, v. tr., revived; intr., dawned.
Deadly, mortal, human.
Deal, part, whit.
Debate, quarrel, strife.
Deceivable, deceitful.
Defend, forbid.
Defoiled, trodden down, deflowered.
Degree (win or yield the), rank, superiority.
Deliverly, adroitly.
Departed, divided, parted.
Departition, departure, sundering.
Descrive, describe.
Did off, doffed.
Dight, prepared.
Disadventure, misfortune.
Discover, reveal.
Diseased, unwell.
Disherited, disinherited.
Disparpled, scattered.
Dissever, distinguish.
Distained, sullied, dishonoured.
Disworship, shame. Do, cause.
Dole, gift of alms.
Dole, sorrow.
Dolour, grief.
Don, gift.
Doted, foolish.
Draughts, recesses.
Drenched, drowned.
Dress, make ready.
Dressed up, raised.
Dretching, being troubled in sleep.
Driving, riding fast.
Dure, endure, last.
Duresse, bondage, hardship.
Dwine, dwindle.

Eased, entertained.

Eft, after, again.
Eftures, passages.
Embushed, cascaded in the woods.
Em, uncle.
Empoison, poison.
Enchafe, heat.
Enchieve, achieve.
Endlong, alongside of, along.
Enforce, constrain.
Engine, device.
Enow, enough.
Ensured, assured.
Entermete, meddle.
Errant, wandering.
Estates, ranks.
Evenlong, along.
Everych, each, every one.

Fain, gladly.

Fare, sb., ado, commotion
Faren, pp., treated.
Faute, v., lack.
Fealty, oath of fidelity.
Fear, frighten.
Feute, trace, track.
Feuter, set in rest, couch.
Faunae, affiance, promise.
Flagg, flung, rushed.
Flatling, prostrate.
Fleet, float.
Flemed, put to flight.
Foiled, defeated, shamed.
Foin, thrust.
Foot-hot, hastily.
For-bled, spent with bleeding.
Force (no), no concern.
Fordo, destroy.
Forecast, preconcerted plot.
For-fared, worsted.
Forfend, forbid.
Forfoughten, weary with fight.
Forhewn, hewn to pieces.
Forjousted, tired with jousting, worsted.
Forthdays, far advanced in the day.
Forthink, repent.
Fortuned, happened.
Forward, vanguard.
Forwhy, because.
Free, noble.
Freshed, refreshed.

Gar, cause.

Germane, closely allied.
Gest, deed, story.
Glaive, sword.
Glasting, barking.
Glatisant, barking, yelping.
Gree, degree, superiority.
Greed, pp., pleased, content.
Grimly, ugly.
Grovelling, lying face downwards.

Hair, a hair-shirt.

Hale and how, a sailor's cry, heave-ho.
Halp, stumbled.
Hake, embrace.
Harbingers, messengers sent to prepare lodgings.
Harness, armour.
Haut, high, noble.
Hauteyn, haughty.
Heavy, sad.
Hete, command.
Hied, hurried.
High (on), aloud.
Hight, called.
Hilled, covered, concealed.
Holp, helped. Holts, woods.
Hough-bone, back part of knee-Joint
Houselled, given the Eucharist.
Hove, hover, wait about.
Hurled, dashed, staggered.

Intermeddled, mixed.

Japer, joker.

Japes, jests.
Jesseraunt, a short cuirass.
Journey, day of battle.

Keep, v., care, reck.

Kemps, champions.
Kind, nature.
Kindly, natural.
Knights parters, marshals.
Knowledging, acknowledgment, confession.

Lain, conceal.

Langering, sauntering.
Large, generous.
Largess, liberality.
Laund, waste, plain.
Lazar-cot, leper-house.
Lead, sb., leaden seal
Learn, teach.
Lears, cheeks.
Leaved, leafy.
Leech, physician.
Let, caused to.
Let, hinder.
Lief, dear.
Lieve, believe.
List, desire, pleasure.
Lith, joint.
Livelihood, income, estate.
Long unto, belong to, fit.
Long on (upon), because of.
Loos, praise.
Loveday, day for settling disputes.
Loving, praising.
Lusk, lubber.
Lusts, inclination, pleasure.

Makeless, matchless.

Makers, authors, poets.
Mal engine, evil intent.
Mal-fortune, ill-luck, mishap.
Marches, borders.
Mass-penny, offering at mass for the dead.
Masteries, feats.
Matchecold, machicolated, with holes for defence.
Maugre, sb., despite.
Measle, disease.
Meddle, engage in battle.
Mickle, much.
Minever, ermine.
Mischieved, hurt.
Mischievous, painful.
Miscreature, unbeliever.
Mo, more.
More and less, rich and poor.
Mote, may.
Motes, notes on a horn.
Mountenance, amount of, extent.
Moved, suggested.
Much, great.
Naked, unarmed.
Namely, especially.
Ne, nor.
Near-band, near, nearly.
Nesh, soft, tender.
Nill, will not.

Nis, ne is, is not.

Nist, ne win, knew not.
Noblesse, nobleness.
Nobley, nobility, splendour.
Noised, reported.
Nold, would not.
Not for then, nevertheless.

Obeiseance, obedience.

Or, before.
Orgule, haughtiness.
Orgulist, haughtiest.
Orgulité, pride, arrogance.
Orgulous, proud.
Orison, payer.
Other, or.
Ouches, jewels.
Ought, owned.
Outcept, except.
Outher, or.
Out-take, except.
Overthwart, adj., cross.
Overthwart, sb., mischance.
Overthwart and endlong, by the breadth and length.

Painture, painting.

Pair of beads, rosary.
Paitrells, breastplate of a horse.
Parage, dignity.
Parclos, partition.
Pareil, like.
Passing, surpassingly.
Pavilion, tent.
Peaced, quieted,
Perdy, par Dieu.
Perish, destroy.
Peron, tombstone.
Pight, pitched.
Pike, steal away.
Pill, plunder.
Pillers, plunderers.
Pleasaunce, pleasure.
Plenour, complete.
Pointling, aiming.
Pont, bridge.
Possed, possessed
Press, throng, crowd.
Prime, 6.0 A.M.
Prise, capture.
Puissance, power.
Purvey, provide.
Purveyance. provision.

Quarrels, arrowheads.

Questing, barking.
Quick, alive.

Raced (rased), tore.

Raines, Rennes.
Ransacked, searched.
Rash, rush.
Rasing, rushing.
Rasure, cuttingness.
Raught, reached, fetched.
Rechate, bugle-note of recall.
Recover, rescue.
Rede, sb., counsel, advise.
Rejoice, enjoy.
Religion, religious order.
Reneye, deny.
Report, refer.
Retrayed, drew back.
Rightwise, rightly.

Sacring, consecrating.

Sad, serious.
Sadly, heartily, esrnestly.
Samite, silk stuff with gold or silver threads.
Sangreal, Holy Grail.
Sarps, girdles. Saw, proverb.
Scripture, writing.
Search, probe wounds.
Semblant, semblance, appearance.
Sewe, follow.
Sewer, officer who served and tasted dishes.
Sheef, thrust.
Sheer-Thursday, Thursday in Holy Week.
Shend, harm.
Shenship, disgrace.
Sheet, undone, disgraced, blamed.
Shrew, sturdy knave.
Shrewd, knavish.
Sib, akin to.
Sideline, sideways.
Siege, seat.
Siker, sure.
Sith, since.
Slade, valley.
Soil (to go to), hunting tam for taking to water.
Sort, company.
Speed, bolted.
Spere, ask, inquire.
Sperhawk, sparrowhawk.
Spiritualites, sacred places.
Steed, place.
Stert, started, rose quickly.
Steven, voice.
Stigh, path.
Stilly, silently.
Stint, sb., fixed revenue.
Stint, v., stop.
Storied, astonished, became confused
Stour, battle.
Strait, narrow.
Strake, blow a born.
Sue, pursue.
Surcingles, saddle girths.
Sweven, dream.

Tatches, qualities.

Term, period of time.
Tho, then.
Thrang, pushed.
Till, to.
To-brast, burst.
To-drive, be carried away.
To-fore, before.
To-hew, hewed.
Took, gave.
To-shivered, broken to pieces.
Traced, advanced and retreated.
Truing, pressing forward.
Traverse, move sideways.
Trenchant, cutting, sharp.
Treat, hunting term.
Truage, tribute.
Trussed, packed.

Ubblie, sacred wafer, Host.

Umbecast, cast about.
Umbre, shade.
Unavised, thoughtlessly.
Underne, 9-12 A.M.
Ungoodly, rudely.
Unhappy, unlucky.
Unhilled, uncovered.
Unnethe, scarcely.
Unsiker, unstable.
Unwarly, at unawares.
Unwrast, untwisted, unbound.
Up-so-down, upside down.
Usurped, encroached.
Utterance, uttermost.

Venery, hunting.

Villain, man of low birth.
Visors, the perforated parts of helmets.
Void, empty.

Wagging, shaking.

Waits, watches. Wake, watch.
Wallop, gallop.
Wan, ebb.
Wap, ripple.
Ware, aware.
Warison, reward.
Warn, forbid, refuse.
Weeds, garments.
Weltered, rolled about.
Where, whereas.
Wield, possess, have power over.
Wight, brave, strong.
Wite, v., blame.
Withsay, oppose.
Witting, knowledge.
Wold or nold, would or would not.
Wonder, adj., wondrous.
Wonder, adv., wondrously.
Wonderly, wonderfully.
Wood, mad.
Woodness, madness.
Wood thaw, thicket of the wood.
Worship, honour.
Worship, v., cause to be honoured.
Worth, befall (woe worth, woe befall).
Wot, know.
Wrack, destruction.
Writhe, twist.
Wrothe, twisted.

Yede, ran, went.

Yelden, yielded.
Yolden, yielded.
Y-wis, certainly.

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