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Adjidau'mo, the red squirrel.
Ahdeek', the reindeer.
Ahmeek', the beaver.
Annemee'kee, the thunder.
Apuk'wa, a bulrush.

Baim-wa'wa, the sound of thunder.
Bemah'gut, the grape-vine.
Big-Sea-Water, Lake Superior.

Cheemaun', a birch canoe.
Chetowaik', the plover.
Chibia'bos, a musician; friend of Hiawatha; ruler in the Land of Spirits.

Dahin'da, the Bull-frog.
Dush-kwo-ne'-she, or Kwo-ne'she,  the dragon-fly.

Esa, shame upon you.
Ewa-yea', lullaby.

Gitche Gu'mee, the Big-Sea-Water, Lake Superior.
Gitche Man'ito, the Great Spirit, the Master of Life.
Gushkewau', the darkness.

Hiawa'tha, the Prophet, the Teacher; son of Mudjekeewis, the West-Wind, and
     Wenonah, daughter of Nokomis.

Ia'goo, a great boaster and story-teller.
Inin'ewug, men or pawns in the Game of the Bowl.
Ishkoodah', fire; a comet.

Jee'bi, a ghost, a spirit.
Joss'akeed, a prophet.

Kabibonok'ka, the North-Wind.
Ka'go, do not.
Kahgahgee', the raven.
Kaw, no.
Kaween', no, indeed.
Kayoshk', the sea-gull.
Kee'go, a fish.
Keeway'din, the Northwest the Wind, the Home-Wind.
Kena'beek, a serpent.
Keneu, the great war-eagle.
Keno'zha, the pickerel.
Ko'ko-ko'ho, the owl.
Kuntasoo', the Game of Plum-stones.
Kwa'sind, the Strong Man.
Kwo-ne'she, or Dush-kwo-ne'-she, the dragon-fly.

Mahnahbe'zee, the swan.
Mahng, the loon.
Mahn-go-tay'see, loon-hearted brave.
Mahnomo'nee, wild rice.
Ma'ma, the woodpecker.
Maskeno'zha, the pike.
Me'da, a medicine-man.
Meenah'ga, the blueberry.
Megissog'won, the great Pearl Feather, a magician, and the Manito of Wealth.
Meshinau'wa, a pipe-bearer.
Minjekah'wun, Hiawatha's mittens.
Minneha'ha, Laughing Water, a waterfall on a stream running into the
     Mississippi between Fort Snelling and the Falls of St. Anthony.
Minneha'ha, Laughing Water; wife of Hiawatha.
Minnee-wa'wa, a pleasant sound as of the wind in the trees.
Mishe-Mo'kwa, the Great Bear. 
Mishe-Nah'ma, the Great Sturgeon.
Miskodeed, the Spring Beauty, Claytonia virginica.
Monda'min, Indian corn.
Moon of Bright Nights, April.
Moon of Leaves, May.
Moon of Strawberries, June.
Moon of the Falling Leaves, September.
Moon of Snowshoes, November.
Mudjekee'wis, the West-Wind; father of Hiawatha.
Mudway-aush'ka, sound of waves on a shore.
Mushkoda'sa, the grouse.

Nah'ma, the sturgeon.
Nah'ma-wusk, spearmint.
Na'gow Wudj'oo, the Sand Dunes of Lake Superior.
Nee-ba-naw'-baigs, water spirits.
Nenemoo'sha, sweetheart.
Nepah'win, sleep.
Noko'mis, a grandmother; mother of Wenonah.
No'sa, my father.
Nush'ka, look! look!

Odah'min, the strawberry.
Okahah'wis, the fresh water herring.
Ome'me, the Pigeon.
Ona'gon, a bowl.
Onaway', awake.
Opechee', the robin.
Osse'o, Son of the Evening Star.
Owais'sa, the bluebird.
Oweenee', wife of Osseo.
Ozawa'beek, a round piece of brass or copper in the Game of the Bowl.

Pah-puk-kee'na, the grasshopper.
Pau'guk, death.
Pau-Puk-Kee'wis, the handsome Yenadizze, the Storm Fool.
Pe'boan, Winter.
Pemi'can, meat of the deer or the buffalo, dried and pounded.
Pezhekee', the bison.
Pishnekuh', the brant.
Pone'mah, hereafter.
Puggawau'gun, a war club.
Puk-Wudj'ies, Puk-Wudj-In-in'ees, little wild men of the woods, pigmies.

Sah-sah-je'-wun, rapids.
Sah'wa, the perch.
Segwun', Spring.
Sha'da, the pelican.
Shahbo'min, the gooseberry.
Shaugoda'ya, a coward.
Shawgashee', the craw-fish.
Shawonda'see, the South-Wind.
Shaw-shaw, the swallow.
Shesh'ebwug, ducks; pieces in the Game of the Bowl.
Shin'gebis, the diver, or grebe.
Showain' neme'shin, pity me.
Shuh-shuh'-gah, the blue heron.
Soan-ge-ta'ha, strong-hearted.
Subbeka'she, the spider.
Sugge'ma, the mosquito.

To'tem, the family coat-of­-arms.

Ugh, yes.
Ugudwash', the sun-fish.
Unktahee', the God of Water.

Wabas'so, the rabbit; the North.
Wabe'no, a magician, a juggler.
Wabe'no-wusk, yarrow.
Wa'bun, the East-Wind.
Wa'bun An'nung, the Star of the East, the Morning Star.
Wahono'win, a cry of lamentation.
Wah-wah-tay'see, the fire-fly.
Waubewy'on, a white skin wrapper.
Wa'wa, the wild-goose.
Waw'beek, a rock.
Waw-be-wa'wa, the white goose.
Wawonais'sa, the whippoorwill.
Way-muk-kwa'na, the caterpillar.
Weno'nah, the eldest daughter. Hiawatha's mother; daugh­ter of Nokomis.

Yenadiz'ze, an idler and gambler; an Indian dandy.

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