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DON'T be ashamed of honest work.
It's better to be a good blacksmith than a bad lawyer

DON'T dine sumptuously on pay-day
and deprive the body of
energy-giving food
the rest of the week

DON'T be too fond
of personal liberty. A rein and
curb help a fellow to go straight

DON'T be gloomy, selfish or

DON'T be a boor. The poorest boy
in an office can be                       
a model of good                          
manners and                                

DON'T forget that a
reputation for
"hard common
sense" is as excellent as it is

DON'T chaff a smaller boy. He
has to bear it because you
are the stronger

DON'T venture into
any society until
you have mastered
its etiquette

THE boy who fights
when he shouldn't
is a bully, but one
who doesn't when
he should is a

DON'T allow resentment to stay in
your breast over night

DON'T cut out sleep too often or
you'll find she's
cut you out

DON'T be afraid of
your own company. You may
find yourself a
very pleasant

DON'T despond. If you can't earn
more try to save more,
until you "connect"

CULTIVATE observation. The boy
who notes causes
achieves effects

DON'T fake. A fellow may
"bury his grandmother"
twice, but the
third time he'll be
out of a job

DON'T show contempt. No one ever
forgives this

DON'T be inattentive.
It's a cardinal sin
in business

DON'T admire the
boy who tells you
he has "money
to burn." That
sort generally
asks alms in old

WHATEVER lessens your respect
for yourself will
cheapen you

DON'T think it frugality to go half fed.
It's ruination

DON'T say all you
think concerning
your employers.
In business, as in
politics, silence
is always golden

DON'T consider it your mission to
reform your friends. Keep
your eye on your own
lapses and you'll
be quite

DON'T fail to put
your sturdy shoulder to your
father's wheel
occasionally. Age
weakens back and

DON'T let your thoughts run away
with your manners. Command
them to await your convenience

DON'T display knowledge. Keep it "on
tap," but never on

DON'T confuse notoriety
with success. Notoriety
is born in an
hour, success
after many days

DON'T drawl. A fellow who drags
his words after him is shunned
by forceful men

DON'T hope to do
much unless you are physically all
right. Labor demands health

DON'T fail to learn
a trade if you are
Talent may keep
you; a trade is
sure to

DON'T stud your speech with French
jewels. Better use the well-polished
silver of pure English

DON'T miss any chance
to meet or listen to
great men. Lessons
and models are thus

DON'T refuse to do
a favor for your
sister. She is
entitled to as
much courtesy as
you would pay
the sister of some
other fellow

DON'T believe any fellow your superior
unless you know him
to be "white" all

DON'T be ashamed if
your hands show
work. Lily-like
hands are a
disgrace to a boy

BE a gentleman at home. Don't be
rude to your parents or
patronizing to your
younger brothers
and sisters

DON'T be noisy. The
guffaw evinces less
enjoyment than the
quiet smile

BE cheerful. Don't
carry around a
woe-begone look
or act as though
all the trouble in
the world were
resting on your

DON'T aim to be an "ideal" boy. Be
the best type of the real boy

DON'T giggle. For
the love of decency,
never giggle

DON'T fail to ask
for needed
information, but
do not waste the
time of business
associates by
silly queries

DON'T play sick. Endurance is a
business qualification. Semi-
invalids are not retained long

DON'T think it necessary
to be a spend-thrift in order to
be a "good fellow"

LET honesty in matters
great and
small be your
life's trade-mark.

The boy who
steals a cent or
an hour has the
gravity of nature
against him, and
he'll land at the
bottom of the
hill, later on

DON'T forget that
your boss knows
a good thing
when he sees it.
He'll always
raise your salary
when you are
turning dollars
into his till

DON'T talk gammon. No one
believes a boy who loves the
sound of his own voice
better than

DON'T ape the
cynic. Your
elders will placard
you "fool,"
while the fellows
will shy away
from you as from
a bitter dose

DON'T "blow in" even a dime just
for show. No one fails to size
up boys who spend
with conspicuous

DON'T forget that
a burst of anger
is a vulgarity.
Learn to control
your temper

DON'T be inquisitive regarding the
affairs of your friends

DON'T bet. If you lose, you are out.
If you win, some fellow
may have to traverse

DON'T hesitate to
begin the alphabet and
copy-book at any age.

The young man
who wishes to
improve himself
is to be respected

A BRAGGART is always a coward,
and generally remains
a nobody.

Don't boast

DON'T fight for
your innocence
too strongly if
wrongly accused.
Wait. Protest is
bond-servant of

DON'T tease. A practical joker gradually
loses caste. Be witty,
but impersonal

DON'T let your conscience get away
from you. It might
be killed

DON'T get caught
in the wheel of
Destiny. Boys
are often terribly
hurt by standing
too near danger

DON'T be one-sided. Have a hobby
if you like, but don't
ride it over other

DON'T neglect your
bath. A robust boy
should be an
enthusiastic bather

DON'T rush into
intimacies. Grow
into them.

Remember that it
takes more than
mutual liking to
constitute friendship

DON'T dissipate your efforts. Apply
yourself to one particular
branch of trade and
become its

DON'T nag your
sisters or you'll
find yourself
unpopular with the
sisters of other

DON'T be a glutton. It is odious to
stuff yourself with all sorts of
food. Eat heartily, but
not like an

DON'T be a loafer.
God and man dislike the breed

DON'T miss trips to
the country. A
five-mile walk or
a ten-mile spin
will cure a case
of blues and clear
the brain of cobwebs

DON'T wrangle during sports. Shouts
and angry voices never
helped an umpire or
righted foul

DON'T talk shop.
Close the counting house door
when the clock strikes the hour,
unless you stay there to work,
which, if required, do cheerfully

DON'T fail to get acquainted with
yourself. You'll have a few
surprises, but will never
again be self-duped

DON'T neglect any
opportunity to expand your lungs
or strengthen your grasp. Vitality
and force make little giants of
boys who cultivate them

DON'T introduce your acquaintances
to girls unless you have permission and can vouch
for their good character

DON'T be on the
lookout for
injuries or snubs.
People who go
about hunting
trouble soon find
trouble hunting

DON'T worry. You'll need all your
courage to face difficulty

DON'T starve the
mother heart.
Boys often do this

DON'T consider it
wasted time to
watch the little
preferences of
your girl friends.
Such tribute to
their individual
tastes delights

DON'T waste the minutes. They
quickly run into hours. Time
means money, both to your
employer and yourself

DON'T take much
stock in the boy
who preaches.
The boy who
practices is the
fellow to bank on

DON'T consider the lovers of sport
shallow-pates because you
prefer books

DON'T vilify your temper. Scourge
yourself for misusing it

DON'T fail to practice saying "no."
It is one of the most difficult
words to utter in the English language

DON'T cease fighting the "old Adam"
in you. He is the cause of
half the troubles in the
world. His other name is Vice

DON'T fear individuals. The
tyrants which ruin first and
then kill are the desires. Watch

DON'T play for popular favor. Aim
to be valued by an
influential few

DON'T brag about
courage. Wait your
chance, then prove it

DON'T laugh at
girlish fears.
The boy who is
sympathetic is
always the chosen

DON'T be sensitive. The quickest
way to dampen a teaser is to
laugh at his efforts

DON'T learn to gamble.
It's a vice which
robs each victim of
wealth, health and

DON'T be too self-satisfied.
Association with others teaches a
boy his weaknesses as well as
how to acquire strength

DON'T make business "breaks,"
clerical or oral. In commercial
dealing a word unfitly
spoken, or a figure
wrongly placed,
spells Danger

DON'T be envious.
Envy is the canker of the
mind. A boy with a determined will can
get anything he wants by his own

DON'T be selfish. Selfishness reacts
and will place you at a disadvantage. A self-centered
boy has few friends

DON'T go about half
asleep. Be keen to
grasp each work-
able idea which
comes along and
profit by it

DON'T think that only great deeds
evince heroism. It is the little
deeds, well and nobly done,
that make the hero

DON'T be sarcastic.
Boys that indulge in
sarcasm are shunned
by their fellows

DON'T forget that
it does not take
any more time
to be polite and
agreeable than it
does to be rude
and disagreeable

DON'T beg. Ask no one to give you
anything that by labor
or perseverance
you may

DON'T worry as to whether or not
you like your business superiors.
Let your greatest concern be as to
whether or not they like you

DON'T waste energy. There is no
sense in using your whole strength
to lift ten pounds. Save your
energy for hundred

DON'T scoff at religion. It is neither smart nor
becoming. Boys who have no reverence for
religion have little for anything else

DON'T start looking for a job with the
feeling that you are about to be hung

DON'T speak in a loud
voice, especially to
a woman. Nothing
is more boorish

DON'T undervalue
t h e importance
of being as well
dressed as your
means will allow.
A proper care for
appearances is
one of the first
instincts of a

DO a favor when you can, and do it
cheerfully, but allow none to
abuse your willingness
to serve

YOU need never want for good
company while hundreds of
choice companions look down
upon you from every library and
ask you to take your pick

DON'T brood or worry. Both warp
the mind and hurt the body

DON'T procrastinate.
Putting off the obvious thing to do
has wrought woeful tangles

DON'T seek popularity. If you are
a jolly good fellow you
can't dodge it

DON'T whine. Bear pain bravely,
trouble nobly. Whining boys
never make forceful men

DON'T borrow.
There's only a
hair's difference
between a thief
and a fellow who
borrows while
airily trusting to
luck to repay
the loan

UNLESS you can keep it, don't make
a promise. Your word must
be as good as your
bond to win

DON'T treat clergymen other than
deferentially. It is especially beautiful to see boys
respect God's representatives

DON'T neglect the faculty of concentration,
for it is the keynote to all success

DON'T play practical
jokes. The boy who
enjoys "doing another
up" makes enemies

THOROUGH training is what
qualifies for success in
the world of business. See that you
learn your business well or you
will be worth but little pay

DON'T be afraid of the smut of labor
soiling the face or hands.
Fear like death smut
that stains the mind

DON'T wear sham jewelry. A silver watch. at the
end of a silk cord is in better taste than a
cheap "gold" watch with a plated chain

DON'T smoke if you are poor, for
your purse's sake. If rich, you
are better off without
the "weed"

DON'T underrate the value of a pleasing
manner. The boy whose face is always bright, and
who exerts himself to please others, gets many
of life's tidbits

DON'T waste time in day dreams.
Make up your mind
what to be and

DON'T be an idler.
No fellow's father
is rich enough to
buy him strength
if he won't exercise,
or to save his brain
from going to seed
if he doesn't use it

DON'T affect saintship. Men distrust
boy saints

RATHER be alone than
go with " he push."
"Pushes" are generally expensive

DON'T steal. Even information
stealthily gained to use for personal benefit is
stealing, and "low down" stealing at that

DON'T forgive Memory for treachery.
Put it on extra duty
as a punishment

DON'T try to be too clever. Precociously
brilliant boys are never highly appreciated by their elders

DON'T "queer" the old folks by associating 
with questionable characters.
You have no right to disgrace the family name

DON'T boast of your
independence. We
are all dependent,
without exception

DON'T snub fellows who "can't travel
in your class" socially. They may
overleap you fourfold in the future

DON'T depend upon "pull." Pull
may get you a position, but
merit alone will keep it for you

DON'T imagine yourself indispensable
to your employer. Your place can
be easily filled

COVET a good character, for it is the
source of immeasurable power

DON'T whine. What
if you have had a
knock out! Tighten
your belt, a hole,
and go at it again

DON'T put on airs
just because your
father is rich.
Remember that
you either stand
or fall by your
own efforts

DON'T hope for employment through
blowing your own horn immoderately. Better
be modestly convincing

DON'T talk pedigree. Boast of
something nobler
if you must talk
of inherited

WHEN talking about your private
affairs do not choose your boarding
house table as your auditorium

DON'T forget that a still tongue often
denotes more wisdom than an
ample vocabulary

DON'T be a boy of moods. Be reliable. Make your
moods conform to your duty or pleasures

REMEMBER that it is both unwise
and ill-mannered to talk of
your business in any
public place

DON'T permit your
mother to spoil you.
Turn the tables and
pet her

DON'T expect of another more
than you would cheerfully give
him if circumstances were
reversed. In most cases do not
expect as much

BE kind and sympathetic to everybody, but reserve the fulness
of your friendship for a chosen few

DOING your duty is no mark of
ability. Demonstrate superiority
and you'll be rewarded

EVEN from a small income save a
little for harder times. Don't
spend all you earn

GIRLS make sport of
boys who talk much
of self. Don't strike
the personal note too

DON'T mistake
"may be" for
"will be." Boys
who do are
usually in the
cellar or garret,

LET such as pride themselves in
saying mean things about girls
distinctly see that you
are out of their
class. Don't
be a cad

DON'T scamp your work in order to
do it quickly, or you may find
yourself scanning the "Help
Wanted" column

DON'T confuse criticism with censure.
The first is kind. The latter,
though hard to bear, is
often salutary

IF you can't afford to
"get into the game"
say so in a frank and
manly way. Don't
hedge or sneak away

DON'T "jolly" girls. It's not only
mean but unworthy of
a manly boy

DON'T lie. A liar
soon finds himself

DON'T tattle. Of all contemptible
people a tale-bearer ranks first

DON'T be a "wise guy." Boys who
think themselves "wise" are
often deservedly guyed

DON'T spend to cut a
dash or you may
cut a gash in your

DON'T consent to be put upon a pedestal. The boy
who is worthy of notice generally
prefers to escape the stare of the curious

NEVER fail to consult your parents
concerning any important step you
may be about to take.
They are entitled
to this confidence

DON'T be too opinionated or too assertive. Have a
mind of your own, but don't throw your opinions about like

DON'T forget that you have within you
the power to strangle any evil
that may assail you

DON'T be buncoed. The
fellow who buys "a pig
in a poke" is stupid

DON'T belong to
"the fast set."
Be a square chap
and game all
through, but
don't squander
time, health or

DON'T go in too hard for sports.
Overplay is as ruinous
to health as

DON'T decide upon a trade or profession without the
hearty consent of your lungs and muscles. If they
mutiny you're done for

DON'T be satisfied with everything
you do. The moment a boy
thinks himself "all right he deteriorates

DON'T presume upon
any girl's cordiality. You have no
right to much of her time

DON'T decide anything upon the
spur of the moment. Anything worth while is
worth thought

DON'T be self-deceived. You may
have more, or less, in you than you

DON'T accept general invitations.
When a girl's mother says
"Come and see us," she utters a
formula. Go only when a special
date is mentioned, if you wish to act

DON'T pride yourself upon having
a talent. Unless you use it successfully you are
possessed of nothing advantageous

DON'T expect "luck" to favor you.
Ability is the only thing
you can depend on

DON'T trifle with
your constitution.
The strongest is

DON'T begin your business life with
roseate anticipations. Success,
like other victories, is found only
after hard struggles and many

DON'T let work take the ginger out
of you. Work like a Trojan,
then "play" like a

DON'T be indiscreet
either in act or
speech or you
may injure others,
if not yourself

DON'T consider courtesy merely a
matter of constant bows
and scrapes

DON'T affect humility. It is one degree more
objectionable than arrogance

DON'T be button-holed by everybody. A little
reserve in your manner will often
save you annoyance from bores

DON'T spend half you earn upon
flowers for thoughtless girls.
Before they wither, such
maidens forget
who gave

DON'T stammer before a great personage. To a
bright boy the possibility of becoming equally
exalted should remove all awkwardness

DON'T mistake a fever of admiration
for love. Fevers are of short
duration. Love is of
slow growth, but

MONEY inherited is
as sacred as though
earned. Don't give
it to the winds with
a foolish hand.
Fate is cruel to the
shorn lamb

DON'T admit yourself beaten. If you
are behind in life's race take a
few long breaths, lift your
chest high and sprint
for the goal

STICK to your opinions until you become convinced
that your views are wrong. Then frankly own yourself at fault

DON'T try to impress people falsely.
The eyes of the world are sharp
and its tongue sharper

DON'T make "breaks." To praise beauty in
the presence of deformity is maladroit

DON'T blame the times if you fail
to get along. Napoleon did not
wait for opportunities. He
created them

DON'T reward impertinent curiosity.
Answer nothing save impersonal
queries, and not even those
unless for courtesy's sake

DON'T expect any
friendship to survive
two unpaid loans

DON'T let a flirt see it if she's hit you.
Show her a serene manner and
an unruffled face. The game often

DON'T take it to heart if your blood
does not run blue. It's
good red blood that
makes this

DON'T consider girls "in love"
with you simply because they appear to prefer
your society, Girls are very
apt to hide their strongest preferences

DON'T ignore the matron or the
maiden will ignore you

DON'T be awkward. Carry yourself well.
Train your hands and feet to subjection and stand tall,
physically as well as mentally

DON'T be an echo. Do your
shouting, but try to sound
a full far-reaching note

DON'T discount the future. Do your
best to make it better your past

DON'T buy your best girl a diamond ring on the
instalment plan. Things happen.
Then what?

DON'T attempt mind reading. You
may think you know another
fellow's motives, but you don't always

DON'T "bluff" in business. Satisfy your
customer by honest dealing and he'll return without fail

IF you know your ideas
are worth money set
up your stand in the
market place and
stick to your price.

If you don't believe
in yourself, how can
you expect others to
do so?

DON'T try to dictate terms to Providence. Let your light
shine where you happen to be placed

DON'T cultivate impulse. With
devilish rapidity impulse has
landed youths in jail and loaded
many a man with lifelong responsibilities

DON'T abuse a confidence. You have
no more right to tell another's
secrets than to unlock
his safe

DON'T "slow up"
after you've prayed
for prosperity. No
sane farmer would
ask for a plentiful
crop and expect
God to do the hoeing

NEXT to your mother, make your business your best friend. Stick
to it with a clean and righteous purpose, and success will come

DON'T confess your faults if you have
any. Rid yourself of them by
the grace of God and young manhood

DON'T judge altogether by appearances.
Gold bricks are very attractive externally

DON'T be talkative.
A male chatterer is odious

DON'T hope to become a social favorite unless you
are something of a courtier. Women are attracted
by fine manners, and it's women who make or mar
you socially

DON'T write sentimental letters to
girls. Written words stand

DON'T be a croaker;
but if you insist
upon looking at
the dark side of
everything do
not stand in the
way of other
people's sunshine

DON'T boast of making "hits."
Success rarely hits braggarts

IF you are poor don't be
kept down. Emerson's advice is to
"hitch your wagon to a star "

DON'T propose marriage to "the dearest girl"
unless you have provided a nest egg. It would
be unfair to her

DON'T be flippant.
Only the superficial
mind resorts to shallow quips

DON'T acquire wealth
in a way which
leaves any one a
dollar poorer or
dwarfs his chances
in life. Such wealth
is a curse

DON'T waste your time on trashy
novels. Devote your spare moments
to the classics. For relaxation
turn to the best contemporary fiction

DON'T plant a circle of weeping
willows around you each time
you meet with a reverse. Learn
to swallow your losses with a
smile, and try to make your
experience worth something to you

DON'T hang up a good proposition
and call in your neighbors to
discuss it. Some one
may get a corner on it before you
are up the next morning

DON'T be chary of words —
kind words

DON'T be awkward.
Stumbling over women's trains or
upsetting their china tables will
never help you to climb the social ladder

GIRLS enjoy good plays and good
music. Don't fail to
take the "dearest
one" out occasionally

DON'T slap at every bee that buzzes
by. Keep too busy to notice
them and the chances are that
you will never get stung

DON'T expect to rest when you are
old if you are not willing to
work for a competence
while you are

DON'T be bashful.
Yours is the
world if you have
nerve to conquer
it. Keep your
head erect, and
look it squarely
in the face

ENDEAVOR to cultivate a proper
sense of the fitness of things.
It will enable you to
do the right thing
at the right

EVEN though you may have grievously erred,
correct the fault and plan for a better
future. Don't despair

DON'T weary strangers with the story
of your life. Autobiographies
interest but few

DON'T try to go
through life on a
"bluff." Keep real
wind in your sails
and steer somewhere

DON'T procrastinate
if you want to win
out . Anticipate
the other fellows
or the worm will
be snapped up

DON'T scatter your efforts over too
wide a field. Condense them
and their strength will tell

DON'T distrust yourself if you wish
others to trust you. Cultivate self-confidence

DON'T consider it a
waste of time to
learn anything
new. Little bits of
information, like
small pieces of
string, can often
be put to good use

CULTIVATE a personality. Try to
be original. It is individuality
that marks a man

DON'T use perfume. A
scented young man
is "the limit"

DON'T confuse enthusiasm with patriotism.
Screaming national airs or flying flags galore is not serving your country

DON'T be a carpet knight, but when
in the company of women be
gallant and well-mannered

YOUNG men who sniff
at small favors shown
them often miss
greater ones

DON'T be dazzled
by money; for as
lightning sears
the body so an
inordinate love
for wealth affects
the mind

DON'T ask a girl to share your lot
until you have money enough to
put a cottage, at least, upon it

DON'T "love" a rich
girl at first sight. You
may be suspected of
false pretense

DON'T be ashamed
of your religion.

Others will secretly canonize
you if you practice genuinely
what others only

DON'T blame a girl if she gently gives
you the mitten, but firmly refuse to permit her to put
a fool's cap and bells upon you

DON'T try to get
rich too quickly.
Risk nothing in
speculation. It's
the prudent boy
who becomes the
rich man

DON'T lose heart. Pluck brings luck
in business

DON'T try to buy a
girl's favor nor
permit yourself to be
sold by a pretty

DON'T put your foot
down too hard
when opposing
your sweetheart's
will. Girls are
shy of autocrats

DON'T discuss religion, or touch upon
any other debatable topic in
mixed company

WRITE loving letters
to your best girl,
but do not waste
time in penning
silly drivelings

DON'T laugh too
blithsomely when
your foe stumbles
into a hole. Thus
occupied you
might happen
into a deeper one

DON'T boast of your shrewdness. It
may make people afraid to
deal with you

DON'T get out the
reaper before the
grain is ready to

DON'T stake off
more ground
than you can
till, else the
weeds will get
ahead of you

DON'T forget that a clean conscience
is of more consequence than spotless hands.
An honest hod-carrier is a better man than
a tricky merchant

DON'T run down a
business competitor.
It advertises him

DON'T mind other
people's business.
God is capable of
taking care of the
universe without
your assistance

DON'T be quick to see faults
in others

DON'T let fear and its attendant,
worry, get the mastery over
you. Be upright and
fear nothing

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