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Angler, a born; eagerness of the



Audubon, John James

Aurora borealis, an

Balsam Lake

Barrington, Daines, his table of English song-birds

Basswood, or linden

Bear, black

Beaverkill, the; trouting on

Bee. See Bumblebee and Honeybee.



Big Ingin River

Birch, yellow

Birds, eyes of; imperfect singers among; human significance of; songs of English; relative pugnaciousness of English and American; species common to Europe and America; small and large editions of various species of; their ingenuity in the concealment of their nests

Birds of prey

Biscuit Brook

Blackbird, European; notes of

Blackbird, red-winged. See Starling, red-shouldered.


Bluebird (Sialia sialis), struggling with a cicada; courting; cares of housekeeping; and screech owl; notes of; nest of


Bobolink (Dolichonyx oryzivorus); song of


Brooks. See Trout streams



Bunting, European, notes of

Bunting, indigo. See Indigo-bird.

Bunting, snow, or snowflake (Passerina nivalis)

Butcher-bird, or northern shrike (Lanius borealis); appearance and habits of; notes of. See Shrike.


Camp, a thunder-storm in; in the rain; books in

Camp-fire, the

Camping, by trout stream and lake; in a log stable; pleasures and discomforts of; in the Catskills; thoughts of the camper; in Canada

Canada, an excursion in; dwelling-houses in; churches in

Cape Eternity

Cape Trinity


Catbird (Galeoscoptes carolinensis), song of

Catfish and snake


Catskill Mountains, camping in

Cattle, in Canada

Cedar-bird, or cedar waxwing (Ampelis cedrorum), a small edition of the Bohemian waxwing; plumage of; notes of

Chickadee (Parus atricapillus); notes of

Chipmunk, frightened by a shrike; stealing strawberries; playing tag; never more than one jump from home

Clouds, natural history of; rain-clouds and wind-clouds

Clover, red

Clover, white

Coon. See Raccoon

Corn, Indian



Crow, American (Corvus brachyrhynchos); notes of

Crow, fish (Corvus ossifragus), a sneak thief

Cuckoo (Coccyzus sp.), parents, eggs, and young; breeding habits of; appearance and habits of; notes of; nest of

Cuckoo, European; in literature; notes of

Daisy, ox-eye


Deer, Virginia

Delaware River

Dove, mourning (Zenaidura macroura), notes of


Ducks, wild, voices of

Eagle, bald (Haliaëtus leucocephalus); nest of

Esopus Creek

Eyes, of man; of birds

Farmer, an observing

Farmers, their dependence on the weather; weather-wisdom of

Fieldfare; notes of

Finch, purple (Carpodacus purpureus), the alter ego of the pine grosbeak; song of

Fishing. See Trout-fishing

Flicker. See High-hole

Flies, black

Flycatcher, great crested (Myiarchus crinitus); nest of

Forest, a spruce; a burnt

Fox, red, bark of

French Canadians

Ghost story, a

Girl's voice, a

Goethe, on the weather


Goldfinch, American (Astragalinus tristis), a shrike in a flock of

Goose, wild or Canada (Branta canadensis), notes of

Grande Brûlure, La


Grosbeak, blue (Guiraca cœrulea), its resemblance to the indigo-bird; song of; nest of

Grosbeak, pine (Pinicola enucleator leucura); appearance and habits of; song of

Grouse, ruffed. See Partridge.

Grouse, spruce or Canada (Canachites canadensis canace)

Guide, a Canadian

Hawk, worried by the kingbird. See Hen-hawk.

Hawk, chicken, a provident

Hawk, fish, or American osprey (Pandion haliaëtus carolinensis)

Hen-hawk, a love passage; incubating habits


Highfall Brook

High-hole, or golden-shafted woodpecker, or flicker (Colaptes auratus luteus), a household of; a tame young one; nest of

Honey, as an article of food; with the ancients and in mythology; of various countries

Honey-bee, gathering honey and pollen; wax-making; life of the drone; life of the queen; democratic government; description of queen and drone; swarming; wildness of; favorite hives; mortality of; acuteness of sight



Hummingbird, ruby-throated (Trochilus colubris), strange death of a; nest of

Hyla, Pickering's, in the woods

Indigo-bird, or indigo bunting (Cyanospiza cyanea), a petit duplicate of the blue grosbeak; song of; nest of

Jackdaw, nest of

Jacques Cartier River, trouting on

Jay, blue (Cyanocitta cristata); worrying a screech owl

Jay, Canada (Perisoreus canadensis)

Jay, European, notes of

Junco, slate-colored. See Snowbird.

Kingbird (Tyrannus tyrannus), worrying hawks

Kingfisher, belted (Ceryle alcyon); notes of; nest of

Kinglet (Regulus sp.)

La Chance

Lake, nature as seen from a; life in and about a

Lake Jacques Cartier, Great; an excursion to

Lake Jacques Cartier, Little; trout-fishing in

Lake Memphremagog

Lake St. John

Lark. See Skylark.

Lark, shore or horned (Otocoris alpestris)

Ledges, the fascination of

Lily, spotted

Linden. See Basswood.

Locusts, as an article of food

Longspur, Lapland (Calcarius lapponicus)

Loon (Gavia imber); laughter of

Maiden, a backwoods

Maple, red

Maple, sugar

Marigold, marsh

Marmot. See Woodchuck.

Meadowlark (Sturnella magna)

Metapedia River


Mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos); song of

Montmorenci, Falls of


Morancy River

Mountains, poetry of

Mouse, common house

Neversink River, trouting on; trouting on the East Branch of

New Brunswick, journey through; streams of

Nightingale, notes of

Observation, powers and habits of

Oriole, Baltimore (Icterus galbula), nest of

Osprey, American. See Hawk, fish.

Ouzel, ring

Oven-bird (Seiurus aurocapillus)

Owl, screech (Megascops asio), worried by other birds; in captivity; wail of

Panther, American, cry of

Partridge, or ruffed grouse (Bonasa umbellus)


Pewee, wood (Contopus virens), notes of

Phœbe-bird (Sayornis phœbe); nest of

Pigeon, passenger (Ectopistes migratorius); nests of

Pipit, American, or titlark (Anthus pensilvanicus)

Porcupine, Canada, adventure with a; description of; his armor of quills; at Balsam Lake

Porpoise, white


Raccoon, or coon, voice of; den of

Rain, waves and pulsations of; history of; relaxing effect of; necessary to the mind; after drought; importance to man of an abundance; curious things reported to have fallen in; the formation of; storms; effect of electricity on; in winter and spring; signs of; in camp. See Thunder-storms and Weather.

Raspberry, red


Rat, wood

Redpoll (Acanthis linaria)

Redstart, European, nest of


Restigouche River

Rivière du Loup

Robin, American (Merula migratoria); notes of

Robin redbreast, song of

Rondout Creek; camping and trouting on



Saguenay River, scenery of

St. Alphonse

St. Lawrence; down the


Sapsucker, yellow-bellied. See Woodpecker, yellow-bellied.


Schoolhouse, a country

Shakespeare, quotations from; power and beauty in his poetry

Shanly, C. D., his poem, The Walker of the Snow

Shrike (Lanius sp.)

Shrike, northern. See Butcherbird.


Skunk, den of

Skylark, song of

Snake, and catfish


Snow, a sign of

Snowbird, or slate-colored junco (Junco hyemalis)

Snowflake. See Bunting, snow.

Sparrow, English (Passer domesticus), a comedy; notes of

Sparrow, reed, song of

Sparrow, song (Melospiza einerea melodia), song of

Sparrow, white-throated (Zonotrichia albicollis), song of

Sparrows, songs of


Spruce, a Canadian forest of

Squirrel, gray

Squirrel, red; playing tag

Starling, European, notes of; nest of

Starling, red-shouldered, or red-winged blackbird (Agelaius phœniceus)

Strawberries, Dr. Parr and, Dr. Boteler on; praise of; odor of; Downer; Wilson; wild; alpine; cultivation of


Swallow, an albino

Swallows, on damp days

Swift, European, notes of


Tanager, scarlet (Piranga erythromelas), song of

Thoreau, Henry D.; quotation from


Thrush, hermit (Hylocichla guttata pallasii); song of

Thrush, missel; pugnaciousness of; notes of

Thrush, White's

Thrush, wood (Hylocichla mustelina), song of

Thunder-storms; in the woods

Titlark. See Pipit, American

Tree-toads, young

Trout, brook, markings of; of the Neversink; cannibals; of the Beaverkill; jumping; of Balsam Lake; spawning of; of the Catskill waters; an unsuccessful fight with a; a six-pound; two varieties in Jacques Cartier River

Trout-fishing, as an introduction to nature; the heart the proper bait in; on the Neversink; on the Beaverkill; in Balsam Lake; pleasures and discomforts of an excursion; on the Rondout; on the East Branch of the Neversink; in Canada; catching a six-pounder

Trout streams, beauties of; the ideal; at the headwaters of the Delaware; clearness of; thriving only in the woods


Vireo, song of

Vireo, red-eyed (Vireo olivaceus), song of

Walker of the Snow, The, by C. D. Shanly

Walking, benefits of

Wallkill River

Warbler, Blackburnian (Dendroica blackburniæ),

Warbler, black-throated blue (Dendroica cærulescens); finding the nest and young of; notes of; nest of

Warbler, Canada (Wilsonia canadensis)

Warbler, chestnut-sided (Dendroica pensylvanica)

Warbler, mourning (Geothlypis philadelphia)

Warbler, yellow-rumped or myrtle (Dendroica coronata), rescue of a

Water, its importance in nature and in the life of man

Water-wagtail, small, or water-thrush (Seiurus noveboracensis)

Waxwing, Bohemian (Ampelis garrulus)

Waxwing, cedar. See Cedar-bird.

Weather, the, the farmer's dependence on; human changeableness of; getting into a rut; in literature; the law of alternation in; dry; laws of. See Rain and Thunder-storms.




Whip-poor-will (Antrostomus vociferus), mother, eggs, and young; an awkward walker; nest of

White, Gilbert

Whitethroat; notes of

Whitman, Walt, quotation from

Wilson, Alexander, quotation from

Woodchuck, or marmot; hole of


Woodpecker, downy (Dryobates pubescens medianus)

Woodpecker, golden-shafted. See High-hole.

Woodpecker, yellow-bellied, or yellow-bellied sapsucker (Sphyrapicus varius)

Wordsworth, William, quotations from; the poet of the mountains

Wren, European, song of

Wren, winter (Olbiorchilus hiemalis)

Wrens, songs of

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