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After London

or Wild England

by Richard Jefferies
London: Duckworth & Co.
Henrietta Street, Covant Garden


Part I: The Relapse into Barbarism

Chapter 1    The Great Forest
Chapter 2    Wild Animals
Chapter 3    Men of the Woods
Chapter 4    The Invaders
Chapter 5    The Lake

Part II: Wild England

Chapter 1    Sir Felix
Chapter 2    The House of Aquila
Chapter 3    The Stockade
Chapter 4    The Canoe
Chapter 5    Baron Aquila
Chapter 6    The Forest Track
Chapter 7    The Forest Track continued
Chapter 8    Thyma Castle
Chapter 9    Superstitions
Chapter 10  The Feast
Chapter 11  Aurora
Chapter 12  Night in the Forest
Chapter 13  Sailing Away
Chapter 14  The Straits
Chapter 15  Sailing Onwards
Chapter 16  The City
Chapter 17  The Camp
Chapter 18  The King's Levy
Chapter 19  Fighting
Chapter 20  In Danger
Chapter 21  A Voyage
Chapter 22  Discoveries
Chapter 23  Strange Things
Chapter 24  Fiery Vapours
Chapter 25  The Shepherds
Chapter 26  Bow and Arrow
Chapter 27  Surprised
Chapter 28  For Aurora